fudge you!

darn it, i keep swearing these days. ha-ha! but i have a solution for that, thanks to my sister’s help. instead of the f word, she recommend i say fudge. at first i didn’t want to say fudge as my swear word, since it would sound crazy if i was in public and had to swear and ‘fudge’ would come out of my mouth. for example, if i were to trip and fall flat on my face, i’d be blurting out ‘Fudge!’ like i was some fudge-crazy person. but after only 2 days of using fudge as a substitute for the f word, i find it a lot better and my mouth isn’t as dirty as it used to be, so to say. so now instead of ‘F you!’ i say ‘fudge you!’ …doesn’t that sound a lot nicer than actually saying the f word? it gives an impression like you wanna eat the person instead of sounding like you want to kill them..


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