future wishes

omg, i so want a siberian husky. when i can afford it, i will get myself a pet husky… i’ve been wanting one ever since i was a kid. but other than that, there’s not much of an update today. i’m studying, that’s about it. gotta find myself an article for tomorrow. i just got pissed off right now. man, always changing their minds, it’s seriously making me mad. lol, sorry but anyways, i still want a pet husky… they are so cute in my opinion anyway.. and just so you know, this pic isn’t mine; just found it thru google. aren’t they cute? =)


One thought on “future wishes

  1. you know, my mom agreed to finally getting a pet dog after we move.. we are so happy (my brother, my sister and me) because we can finally have something to care for other than our fishies.. oh, one just died today by the way.. he must’ve gotten beaten up by the other fishies… sad, sad.. cichlids are so damn agressive even to their own kind.

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