my wish

kim junsuwhat if…? i wish junsu and the gang would come to canada. i wish i could meet xiah face to face just to see what he’s really like. is that weird? lol anyways, i wish the group good luck and hopefully they can perform here in the western side of the globe in the near future. that would be fun~!! i admit it, ‘ve been  watching their clips and vids on youtube. >.< part of me is still a fangirl, ya know. anyway, i wished for something and it said it will happen in a week’s time so right now i’m so excited~!! i don’t know what’ll happen but i wonder if it’ll still come true if i say it here… nah i won’t. but if something happens after a week, i will definitely tell!! i’d seriously be crying and laughing out of happiness!! ^__^ *fingers crossed*  


One thought on “my wish

  1. OMG!!! I totally agree, DBSK, should come to Canada! I’d find out and go, and it’s my dream (i know i sound like a stalker XD) to see them or meet them !

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