sleepy me

so. clinical’s been going fine. and i hope that i get an A on this because i am really seriously trying so hard to do good in it. i realized though that when i get surprised, i tend to blank out (ie) when there’s a pop quiz. yes my brain keeps thinking ‘there’s a quiz? why is there a quiz today? i never knew about this!’ and thus i cannot concentrate on figuring out the answer whether i want to or not. but the good news is that i do extremely well on all the other aspects that get marked (ie) doing rounds, client support, willingness to participate in the whole ‘help in L&D’ thing, the journals and NCPs. so, overall, i am still aiming for an A. i’m in high spirits these days so i think it will go along very well. my only complaint is that i am so tired right now and sleepy too. last night it was already past 12 and i had to wake up at 5.54 AM because i had to go to school. for some weird reason, i couldn’t sleep even when i had my ipod on (i usually fall asleep very fast with my ipod on). so i was getting worried about my number of hours for sleep and that alone kept me awake quite well. so i tried to see if i could trick my brain into thinking that i didn’t need to sleep just yet and i told myself over and over again: ‘you still have 8 hours of sleep, so no worries’ and then all of a sudden i felt relaxed and i seriously started thinking that i had 8 hours more ’til 5.54 AM. and only then did i feel sleep creeping into me. LOL isn’t that weird? it’s very good that i noticed though, because now, if it ever happens again, i can just do that again. *sigh* i so wanna rest right now, but i am craving halo-halo (filipino dessert/drink) right now.. i want to get ingredients!! i’m just waiting for my mom to get home because i need her to pick out the beans (i don’t know which ones to use) for me. and so i say goodbye and have a good Good Friday, everyone!! =)


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