soo…. tax form needs filing

yeahhhhh anyways aside from that, i have proudly joined the booksie community!! yay! there, i post all my writings from poems to short stories, etc… i really am addicted to that site now.. this is my page if ever you people get curious: and i am starting to neglect my blog lol. aside from that, i’ve been drinking an awfully huge amount of water these days.. it’s like whenever i see the water bottle, i just have to chug it… then refill it again and again.. lol don’t know how many times i peed today.. lol sorry!! i couldn’t help it.. ahhh i am lonely without DBSK.. i need to youtube them >.< LOL seriously i gotta go to where they are right now.. is it japan or china?? or are they back in korea?? WAHHHH i don’t know!! how sad is that!!!! i gotta know STAT.


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