Avatar: The Last AirBender ~Alternate Ending~

ok, i haven’t even watched the ending because i was asleep when it aired but i had my sister tell it to me and i was pissed off beyong words. how could they make Aang x Katara happen? it is so obviously against Katara’s nature and also because she sees Aang as a younger brother. i’ve always been expecting Zuko x Katara because of all the intense interactions between them, like when Zuko took away her necklace and that girl on the anteater thing was like ‘you’re looking for your girlfriend?’ and other things. besides, they’re the only reasonable pairing aside from sokka and his girl. it should have been obvious that the legendary avatar would be willing to give up everything (including his feelings for a girl) in order to save the world. and out of nowhere Azula gets cuckoo and then wham! the fire lord is done with. gosh whatever happened to Zuko’s mom? and what about Katara’s mom too? and i was really pissed about what they didn’t do about Uncle Iroh. he should have been given more of a role in the end, at least that’s what i think. and so just because the actual ending of the show did not sit well with me, i thought up an alternate ending for the show.. which of course only follows what i think should be happening. it may not necessarily go with some previous episodes, but i’m just generalizing ideas about the ending.. so here it is:

katara, zuko, aang, and momo
katara, zuko, aang, and momo

As the gang (Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, and newly recruited member: Zuko) travels onward toward the Fire Kingdom, Azula is currently set on finding them and exterminating them. She would be more keen on killing Zuko rather than the avatar at this time because Zuko would be deemed the ultimate traitor for siding with the avatar. Of course as she sets her minions to go and hunt them down, the gang are getting more and more connected to each other and thus more concerned about each other. After her first wave of attacks on the gang, which they would surely defeat, she would send the duo Mai and Ty Lee. Since we’ve seen that Mai has had a brief relationship with Zuko, she would be at first hesitant on doing Azula’s commands but eventually she would give in, knowing just how bad Azula can be at torturing and hurting people around her. Upon their fight scene, Mai would encourage Zuko to once again side with them and with his sister. Zuko declines the offer and states that he now knows the right thing to do. After their brief conversation, Mai resigns herself to fighting the gang, with Ty Lee right beside her. They would be defeated but their life will be spared, thanks to Katara who refuses to have them killed, like Toph, Sokka and Zuko vote for.

mai and ty lee being held prisoners
mai and ty lee being held prisoners

The duo are made to return to Azula with a message from the gang about how they would remove the Fire Nation’s hold on the other two remaining Nations of Water and Earth and bring back peace to the entire world. Azula is angered beyond words and attacks the two, almost killing them had she not ‘mercied’ them. She instead puts the two in the torture chambers for not being able to bring her brother back or kill him. This would be merely weeks before her coronation as the Fire Lord/Lordess or Lady (lol). Finally deciding that it was now up to her alone to kill her brother as well as the avatar, she asks her father to move the date of her coronation closer, which Ozai agrees to.

zuko's sister, azula

Now, the gang should have been forming a plan to attack on the day of Azula’s coronation and calls on all available Water and Earth tribe people who can launch a decoy attack at three different areas of the main Fire Kingdom’s city where the palace, and thus, Azula and the Fire Lord resides. They agreed that the water tribe would be the first line of attack attacking at three separate points away from the main gates of the palace. Then the Earth people would attack through the gates, backing up the Water people who could opssibly be being opressed by this time. More Earth people wil come straight to the palace and guard it from any offensive attempts from the Fire people. The gang will then be coming along with the last line of Earth and Water people as they straight for the Fire Lord. The gang will then come upon Azula, who intends to block their way to the Fire Lord.

Uncle Iroh would be at this time still caged inside a cell somewhere in the palace prisons. Sokka, along with Momo (and let’s not forget Hawkie!) as well as some other Earth and Water tribes will be the ones tryig to free him. It seems an accomplishable enough task since the entire place is under attack.

Meanwhile Zuko, Toph and Katara decide to face Azula so Aang can face Ozai. Three agaisnt one looks like an easy win for Azula but she knows all their weaknesses now and she is easily able to stand against them. The three of course follows a plan and lets Toph attack first then Katara and then Zuko. It was good at first but soon they lose Toph; her feet gets burned by Azula as she heats up the entire floor, which none of them anticipated and thus Katara was too late at saving her. Toph is left alone behind a huge column and together Katara and Zuko try to strategize against Azula. They struggle for a long while and Katara agrees to back up Zuko’s attacks. As Azula and Zuko fire at each other, with Katara close by. Azula uses this to her advantage and aims a lightning at Katara instead of Zuko. Zuko jumps to Katara’a help and absorbs the lightning attack. He barely manages to reflect it off. From the impact, he and Katara are blown off and hurled against a column. This is when Sokka would be coming in to throw off Azula in a pivotal moment ad Zuko will be able to defeat her.

Since Sokka’s back, we now know Uncle Iroh is saved; so where is he now? He heads for Ozai wanting to help the avatar in his quest as well as to do his nation justice. So now the long awaited fight scene has a surprising turn since now Aang will be more confident in defeating Ozai while Iroh helps him out for a bit. Of course Uncle Iroh will be no match for Ozai but his help will be indeed a good leverage for Aang. With Iroh as a brief distraction, Aang will be able to go in the avatar state and then fight Ozai with a bit more power than before. The fight drags for a while but soon, it will be evident that Ozai is no match for the avatar.

The avatar kills Ozai and he disintegrates into nothing as Aang reverts out of the avatar state. Iroh is lying at one corner, telling him to hurry and check on his friends as well as Zuko. He follows Iroh’s request as he remembers his friends fighting Azula and he heads back to them. There he finds Katara healing them all and Zuko and Sokka keeping an eye on an unconscious Azula who was now in chains and caged in the elements. The Fire Nation was finally defeated.

Now we see the time ahead and the day is the coronation of Zuko as the Fire Lord. The gang would be present at the ceremony. He seemed resigned to his fate but at the last moment he changes his mind and offers the crown to his Uncle Iroh. Iroh would decline and say that he was the right person to regain the honour and rebuild the empire of the fallen Fire Nation. Zuko is pleased that his uncle deemed him as the best choice to lead their Nation into the right path. That night, Zuko excuses himself from the partying and visits Azula who was now unable to bend fire (due to Aang’s learned ability). He asks her about their mother and here we see that she was angry at their mother for loving Zuko more. However, she reveals to him that she was banished to live in an insignificant location where little or few people lived close by.

Now this is were my powers of deduction takes center stage (lol). From here on in, it will be completely my personal speculation about Zuko’s mother, and thus, what events it will lead to.

the mysterious painted lady
the mysterious painted lady

I believe the Painted Lady may be Zuko’s mother. So following this theory, Zuko could be reunited with his mother, which along the way, he finds out that Katara once pretended to be the Painted Lady in order to help the villagers (which would be reddening Katara’s cheeks). And so we are given a glimpse of the Katara x Zuko pairing.

Sokka and his girl (whose name escapes me at the moment) are obviously going to get together. The only problem now lies on the love matters of Toph and Aang. Being the younger characters, they are not necessarily supposed to ‘end up’ with anybody seeing how young they are in the story. Although they are not ineligible to accumulate friends or crushes. Now there are two ways to solve Aang and Toph’s dilemma:

(1) Aang and Toph are sitting together outside watching the stars and Aang is saddened that as an avatar he had to give up on his feelings for Katara, but he knows that it was all for the best. Toph, would typically slap him on the shoulder and say ‘Twinkle-Toes, I’m proud of you.’ And the two would be the best pals as they grow.

toph is tough
toph is tough

(2) Well, who knows? You gotta admit, Toph and Aang look good together (not to mention Toph’s personality is so cute and lovable) so as time passes, there is that possibility that the two would get together, but seeing as how Aang is the avatar, well…. think about it.


And that’s that. Tell me what you think. =) hahahaha i was just telling my sister how i wanted the avatar to end and this is how long it took to write it down from memory. and of course disclaimers: avatar obviously does not belong to me, ditto for the images used in this post. …this is basically fanfiction, isn’t it?? lol and i’m really sorry for not mentioning Appa.


66 thoughts on “Avatar: The Last AirBender ~Alternate Ending~

    • Omg you and me, we’re like related or something because I swear I’ve said the same thing to people!!!!!!!

  1. great story nd i agree on the zutara pairing. wen zuko and katara wer fighting his sister, though, i kinda liked it better the way the episode had done it. cuz zuko willingly risking his life for katara showed he realli cared nd it was sweet. plus a few scenes back, he sed that he wanted to kno wat he could do to make things up for katara so she could trust him agen, also mentioning “i don’t know why i care what she thinks about me, but i do” so yeaaaa. lol.

    oh, and here’s a link to an awesome avatar fanfic [i didn’t make it, but it’s good, and it’s a zutara pairing, so u would probably like it too xP]


  2. Oh my gosh! You write really well you know. Do you write fanfiction? If you don’t go to http://www.fanfiction.net and see some of the other stories by other people who love zutara and toang. Anyway, this was a really great alternate ending and keep on writing.

  3. kithtryn and evangeline: thank you so much for the comments. they are much appreciated .
    evangeline: to answer your question, yes. but i write mostly other fiction, including poetry and the like, and not just limited to fanfiction. fanfiction is what i do when i get really hyped up about a pairing. lol

  4. Aw, come on now. If we go WAY back to the first season, it’s obvious then that Aang and Katara are going to be together in the end. And you can’t take Zuko away from Mei after what she did to help him. Watch every episode start to finish, opener to closer, and you’ll see that what was done was really the only way to end it. I was quite satisfied. Except the whole ‘what happened to Zuko’s mom’ thing. That pissed me off. I wanted to know. The jerks.

    I’m not trying to offend anyone, by the way, just stating my opinion.

    • semar > to each his own. =)

      luna > thanks. watch the ending if you get the chance and you’ll see what i mean.

      mei > well, i personally don’t think they [aang – katara] were meant to be together. the very first episode only looks at one sided love from aang and it continues like that throughout, doesn’t it? i just thought that as an avatar, aang should be much happier with being the world’s protector/saviour….. but anyways, i totally respect your opinion. everyone has different takes on that show, as i can see.

  5. Hey you!

    I’m totally with you. Why making Aang and Katara come up together? I think Katara and Zuko, they would be the better match. I haven’t seen the end yet, just because here in Germany it wasn’t already sent. But I think that I definetly won’t like it this way…..

  6. katara and aang make better match because they are both mary sue and gary stu.

    zuko and katara don’t make any sense. sorry but this parings sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    zuko and mai is canon couple. they make way cooler and cuter couple!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Well, i do like your version, but i really think its right that Aang and katara are together, i think its really sweet and you could tell it was gunna happen right from the beginning, and i do like your idea very much, but im with the original ending 🙂 xx

  8. I think what you said is correct,because Zuko & Katara match a lot.Aang is just a small brother for her.Also Aang & Toph would be good together.Anyways even i was shocked to see happened at the end .They just neglected Toph as well.But anyways i love Avatar, it’s awsome!!

  9. No offence or anything but, that was really, like, not that good you no? anyway, ur a great writer! and u should become an author 😀

    The Painted Lady is a Spirit, like Yue (The Moon Spirit). Katara was her, sorta, I am tellin u this coz im the NUMBER 1 FAN OF AVATAR!!!

    btw, ur a great writer. and well, Zuko is with Mai and Aang is with Katara, and Sokka with Suki and well, yea, Toph is gonna find a man anyway.

  10. Awesome.
    But I just wish that they made Air. Becoz Zuko has 2 find Ursa (his mum) and well, Yea.
    Its funny how Zuko is pretty much Aangs bff, Sokka will have 2 find a knew bff


  11. Hey I dont want to hurt your feelings, but, I think I liked the real avatar better because I was very satisfied with the ending. yours, it just doesn’t suit me. but how you write stories is really good! you should write a book!! Love ya!


  12. OMG… what where you thinking Zuko and Katara no no no no NO!!! Zuko is cool but hes still kinda a pin head, Katara is hot (cartoon girls are hot besides mai shes icky) AND if you listen- she has unbrakable rage about when her mother was taken.
    Aang and toph just aint happenen the little girl is blind and has eyes in her feet-totaly wack dawg. And personaly yes i liked the involvment with Uncle Iroh. BUT (no offence) your virsion sucked!!! To me…

    But keep in mind your a good wrighter mabye you shoul;d right about sompthing else (thats not hared to change).

  13. lol ok thanks for all the comments everyone! this one seems to be a hot topic of sorts.. it was just an opinion of mine and even though someof you say it doesn’t work, i still think it might be a better way to end things for the show, but i understand everyone’s point of views and i guess i can’t change your minds. but anyways, did you all know that M. Night Shyamalan’s movie of the avatar has a trailer already?? lol, it looks kinda cool even though the main character looks very round in the cheeks.. here’s a link:


  14. think the ending needed more Toph. Not so much a romantic story… but at least a reconcilliation of sorts between her and her parents. Also I would have absolutely loved it if Sokka got his boomarang and space sword back.

    It would also have helped if they told us what the heck happened to Jet, Smellerbee, and Longshot.
    As for the relationships…

    The whole Zuko and Mei relationship actually makes sense dramatically speaking. Mei did say in Boiling Rock part 2 that her love for Zuko was stronger than her fear of Azula. Granted she does not have Katara’s looks, but there is definite romantic sparks that fly between Zuko and Mei, that is just not present in Zuko and Katara.

    Aang and Katara has been playing throughout the series (pretty much from the fortuneteller episode in season 1). Granted, I did have similar religious based questions based on Aang being a monk, yet I let it slide. It would be very helpful though if they showed a married bending couple from two different tribes and more importantly their offspring.

    Sokka and Suki…. Come on!! They are totally meant for each other.

    As for Toph…. there are tons of possible matches for her. Now one I think that would have been fascinating would have been a Toph and Teo (the inventor’s son). Just a thought

    In reguard to Iroh. I really would have loved if they:
    1. had more of him
    2. explained more of the Order of the White Lotus (and that Sokka is a member)

    Understood: Maki (the original voice of Iroh for the first two seosons) died but it didn’t mean they had to cut his character to a handful of episodes.

    and I totally agree that the Zuko’s Mom thing should have been ignored, or resolved in the series (i.e. She comes to save Zuko during the Agni Kai, and Azula, who has been suffering from hallucinations earlier in the episodes, fires and kills her. This prompts Zuko to almost revert to his angry firebending until he sees Katara in danger and then saves her). I didn’t like how they left that storyline open.

    Tell me what you think

  15. plus (srry) metro i dont like ur idea of zukos mom coming to save him during the agni kai and azula killing her. us avatar fanatics need to get to know her better!

    heres my sum up of whats probably gonna happen (hopefully the answers are coming soon!)

    team avatar has spent several luxurious months relaxing in the earth kingdom. but, problems still need to be resolved. where is ursa? are there any more airbenders left? this leads to aang and zuko separating from team avatar. zuko starts his journey in the fire nation, searching for his mother. aang goes to where the air nomads used to be to look for any possible remaining survivors. suprises, hidden identities, and mystery all revolve around their journeys.

    peace out ppl!! hope u likey!!

    ps i didnt like the whole ursa is the painted lady thing. No Way! the painted lady is a Spirit!!!

  16. Hi. I was thinking the paited laby could be Yué. You know, the first girlfriend of Sokka, she died.
    Im sorry my English is not very good im from Spain.
    xoxo I love Toph & Ty Lee

  17. Theire all playerss! Im serious, Sokka is with yUÉ, THen with Suki, and, Tylee & Toph like him
    Katara is First with Jet or something, the Zuko the Aang!!
    and Tylee got 10 boyfriends

    seriousssz! Playas
    x Mee

  18. hay hay hay

    avatar rulez!! its totally tricked!

    heres who i think should be 2gether

    sokka and suki(no duh)

    toph and the duke(so cute)

    azula and that buff dude(season three ep five)

    (i know this is crazy) MAYBE hakoda and ursa….(i know i know then it would be really weird…zuko and katara…bro and sis

    and finally, the arguments that have been going on for years…

    Aang and Katara

    Zuko and Mai!!!!

  19. hey it me again

    i now definetly think ursa and hakoda should be together. who cares if zuko and katara were brother snd sister? i totally agree that there were some ‘Zutara’ moments throughout the series. there were definetly ‘Kataang’ moments too.

    peace out!

  20. i put zuko and katara together . but mai will not become fire lady anymore she was just a big fat lier . im sure zuko and katara are going to be together now . and im sure his mother ursa is the painted lady she likes katara i know zuko really loves katara they are not friends katara and mai are not friends there enemies thank you

  21. know what i’m a big fan of avatar the last air bender yet i am so diassapointed with its ending i dont like katara to become aang’s girl coz katara is not that beautiful, has black skin too tall for aang and hmm besides she’s not that pretty compare to toph… toph is so cute and beatiful, i like her stlyle and proportion with aang she’s so beautiful cool and strong appeal and confidence that’s y i agree with u that much nice idea very nice

    • yay!! zutara is a very nice pairing!! i like how they interact with each other even if they’re not always sugar and honey to each other; it just adds to their charm as a pair… woohoo! i’m glad you changed your mind! =)

  22. OMFG The painted lady reminds me Okami. . . im sorry i had to put that out there

    And that was a well written alternate ending you had there, actually imagined the whole episode running like that 😀

  23. You didn’t even watch the finale. Why would I ever trust your ideas if your going on what someone selse told you? If you want to make an accurate sum of the finale, go watch it.

    p.s. The painted Lady is a RIVER SPIRIT. ursa was born in the FIRE NATION. You have to be a water bender to pretend to be a RIVER SPIRIT.

    • well, watching the finale doesn’t change the fact that Aang and Katara was the pair they favoured. i still disagree. but you do have a good point about the painted lady. =)

  24. katara is zuko`s girl but aang is just too young for her mai is not his girlfriend or his wife . lets face we already know [sigh]


  26. LOL i love sarah’s take on mai: “SHE’S AN EVIL MINION”… XD luv it!! thanks for approving zuko and katar as a pair.. same goes to you, sam & bloom… =)

  27. wow—you posted this in august and the discussion is STILL going on? =O

    anyway—I like Mei (or Mai or however you spell her name =P ;D ) and Zuko. I mean, come on! she was ready to die for him! she wasn’t an evil minion! he said himself that he didn’t want to hurt her at all—Katara? *pff* she had no problem trying to hurt him until she finally “realized” that he was on their side and then “forgave” him. oh please. another great indication is that they never blush around each other—that happens for every other pair. =)

    I’m happy with the ending, especially since there is a new series coming out this october. =) that should clear up some points. =)

    (and it’s SO sad that Iroh’s actor died—it seemed to have affected how much they put him into the last episodes…and”uncle” is my favorite character hands down. )

    • LOL i posted this 2008, and it’s still going! i’m glad to hear there’s a new series soon. that’ll probably stop this discussion.. everyone will be focused on the new show to look for the first show.. =) and i agree, ‘uncle’ is probably one of the best characters in that series.

  28. I like your ending! its sweet 🙂 I have always been a Zuko / Katara fan myself… I personally thought it was wierd and cheesy seeing Aang and Katara make out at the end LOL. He is literally like a younger brother to her in my eyes… Oh well , I think I would have liked Aang and Katara if they started him off as a bit older… That’s just my opinion though.

    And I don’t really like Mai at all…. I’d like it if Zuko at least got with someone a bit nicer and less boring… I’d even settle for Ty Lee haha.

    Oh well, I love your ending though! and I do wish we found out more about Zuko’s mum, they could of at least had an extra episode where he travels out to find her or something.

  29. I really liked your version of the ending (I could just imagine it in my head reading it – you have a pretty good grasp of the characters and situation and some talent in writing) but I kind of liked the way the creators ended the series a little better than yours.

    The only reason I initially hated Zuko X Mai was because Mai was Azula’s “friend” and Zuko was a JERK when he joined up with Azula. I couldn’t stand to see him with any girl just lazing about when there were major cogs being turned in the plot. However, after he got his act together, I really didn’t care who he ended up with. I like the idea of Zutara because it’s truly opposites attract (fire and water) but I can’t see them ever being a couple. Zuko and Iroh were my favorite characters! 😀

    Toph doesn’t need a pairing to be happy, unlike some lovesick main characters I could mention (*cough* Aang *cough*). But someone brought up Teo (the wheelchair kid) and Toph, and I think that’d be really cute! Or maybe The Duke and Toph, it’d be interesting to see if it gets brought up in the Legend of Korra.

    Since I mentioned it, has anyone heard any news about The Legend of Korra (the sequel series of Avatar)? It’s set to release in 2012 and be about Aang and Katara’s son (!) training the new Avatar… I’m super interested!!!

  30. i think it is right.i love you for saying zoko vs katara & saying aang vs toph cause have always think of thier seiz,but that won’t happen because katara is in love with aang

  31. I’m all for Aang and Toph, but not Zuko and Katara. I personaly think Zuko and Ty Lee would be pretty cute 😛

  32. i’m sorry but i think the ending was perfect,however i think that the part were azula goes crazy isn’t right.i mean everyone got a chance right?! mai changed becose of zuko,tyl ee becose of mai and well you know zuko’s story. i really think they shouldn’t have made her go mad and leave it at that i think they should’ve atleast shown zuko taking care of his sister by sending her to some sort of rehab or something and azula at least dealing with her mother issues or maybe make her change in the final fight scene you know after she halucinated about her mother and all. and in any of the options zuko whould kind of still show emotion in case of a change in azula.

  33. p.s. i want to know what the hell happened with the toph’s parents situation and to jet i mean did he die or what? they should’ve shown that you know….anyways i forgot to say your a good writer but i vote for the original couples although i don’t get why they made zuko on moments look like he is having feelings for katara when in the end he still went to mai without a doubt. i’m for mai and zuko and i really would’ve wanted them to say with who ty lee would wind up with and what will happen to jun i mean whatever they would made up with her it would’ve been goood 🙂

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  35. Who will be the partner of Zuko is going to be Mai or Katara and who will be the partner of Soka is it going to be Ty Lee or Suzi. Is Mai going to tell Zuko that she loves him or Zuko will confess her true feelings for Katara.
    But Soka cannot love Ty Lee because of Suzi (or Susi the Kyoshi warrior), but Ty Lee will get sad and she will be lonely at the end of the story.

    Huh! What a LOVE TRIANGLE ♥♥♥

  36. Thanks for your personal marvelous posting! I definitely enjoyed reading it, you’re a great author.I will make sure to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back sometime soon. I want to encourage that you continue your great job, have a nice evening!

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