May Be The Weirdest Aliens/Extraterrestrials Theory:

ok, it all began one morning… i was lying on my bed looking at the ceiling when aliens suddenly got in my head (i don’t mean literally, just the thought about aliens, you know..). i started thinking, why would most people believe that humans are the only intelligent life form in the universe? i mean isn’t that a kinda close-minded way of thinking? so i thought, if it is true then that humans are the only intelligent life form on earth, what would that make the aliens? …so i said to myself, there has to be a reason for this. and that’s when the theory came to me… what if humans really were the only intelligent life form in the universe, and aliens JUST came from humans??? what if we are going to be aliens (i mean the physical appearance of common alien descriptions) IN THE FUTURE? maybe the aliens are the future generation of the human race, maybe because for a really, really, really long period of time the humans evolved into what we now call aliens?

still lost?? ok, this is my idea. what if, a long long time ago when our earth was probably not even born, there was another galaxy in the universe, with another solar system similar to ours and there was a planet that could be almost identical to our earth’s composition and atmosphere and the life forms that evolved from the single-celled organism turned out to have made a being that would be humans. and while their generation was continuing to the future evolution of humans, our earth was getting born from big-bang theory or something… do you ever wonder if the common description of aliens (ie: big head, big eyes, small lips, small limbs, thin body parts, telepathic abilities, advanced sciences) from close-encounters were real? this is just my opinion on that.

(**did the alien picture scare you?**) heheheh… probably while those humans (in another earth far away in the galaxies)were on the verge of a really important, really huge, evolutionary stage, they must have been relying on their brains for quite some time, ie: billions and billions of years after an evolutionary stage like we are in now (kinda telepathic, advanced gadgets, etc)… and maybe they have long surpassed the problem of not being able to go to other planets in the same solar system. think about it like this, while they were having thier first-man-on-the-moon thing, our planet was not even a ball of dust cloud yet. so maybe when they managed to evolve into their next generation, their telepathic abilities were so advanced that their brains literally got exercised into getting that huge… 

(it’s funny imagining their heads getting bigger by the second, isn’t it?) and what if because of that, the rest of their bodies were becoming useless, hence the small mouths, skinny arms and skinny legs? about their big eyes, remember how most people with telepathy tend to need to see the eyes to read the minds of other people? and remember the saying that eyes are the mirror to the soul? and if you’re a a believer of that ‘soul within us’ thing, you would say that the soul is connected to the brain, right? so what was happening to us while this was occuring in their own planet, was maybe the start-of-the-evolution-of-dinosaurs or may even be much farther before that.


ok, if you watch unexplained mysteries, you would remember the episode where they mention the geometric carvings (Nazca Lines) that were on the vast grounds in the shapes of a man, a humming bird and a spider. and remember that they dated way before humans even lived….. hmmm…..would it be possible that the aliens put their history on our planet as a landmark so they could come back to it in the future?? did they know that humans would soon appear on the face of our earth?? could my theory be so depressingly close to the truth or is it just my brain going nuts on me???? it makes you wonder, doesn’t it????  …. …. …..

…ok, so how’s that for my theory, huh??? pretty far-fetched, i think (or not). this is just my theory after all… lol 

ps: i’ve posted this a long time ago on lol


4 thoughts on “May Be The Weirdest Aliens/Extraterrestrials Theory:

  1. In 1978 a friend got me to try a half of purple microdot, I think it was acid. I had a vision and it was exactly what you described of the aliens are our future generations and they can travel faster that the speed of light so they can travel back in time. They come back here to make sure that we don’t blow up our earth because then they would not exist either.

  2. So i have a little trouble establishing what the theory is. I wasn’t sure if you were trying to connect time travel, or chariots of the gods kinda thing. But if there were an intelligent species that has existed long before earth, i highly doubt that they would have a similar physiology (other than eyes). Personally, i think exoskeletons are a more effective system. The small proportion of limbs to head for the popular alien, i think is characteristic of a species evolved in low g’s; which could lend credit to the theory.

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