Twilight: The Movie

dundunduuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnn…….. lol

twilight movie
twilight movie

it is so damn overrated. people/teens are going crazy over it; on Y!A [answers], on booksie, on facebook… my god. lol i’m sorry, i used to be a fan of the book series but after reading the 2nd and 3rd one, i honestly could not find it in me to read the fourth installment. the lack of a good plotline was boring me to death. it was mortifying for me because i was expecting a lot from it. it was extremely good in the first book but it just went downhill from there… i happened to be one of the lucky ones who read the book before it even rose to popularity & even became a movie [because i am such a booknerd lol.. it also happened to me with the Girl With the Pearl Earring book] and i was intrigued by it for a number of reasons. the year after that, it was seriously all over the place and ‘the next book is out! omg! i just have to have it!’ rampage came along… one of my friends is an avid fan and i respect that. i just don’t think the following books carried over the alluring feel of the very first book. and now there’s a movie.. who is that guy? from harry potter film, right? the one who died in the triwizard(?) games.. “cedric”, right? hahaha i don’t even know his name and i’m too lazy to look it up right now, but i honestly cannot forget him as being cedric when i see him onscreen.. there’s that characteristic aura he has that when he acts, he can’t eliminate it. for example, when you look at michelle pfeiffer in a specific movie [ie]  i a sam, you don’t see her as the cat woman from the batman returns. see what i mean? lol anyways, it looks like a decent movie. i’d love to know what scenes they’ll put for the movie and which ones they cut.

ps: no getting pissed off over my personal opinion. if you have a valid arguement, state it diplomatically. =)


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