Loose Your Sleep For Tests

ok so i was studying yesterday for one of my tests [health maintenance] but i also had a test for skills lab. i was way too worried about maintenance to even spend an hour on skills. this past weekend i had work during the mornings so i had only from the afternoon and onwards to study. and that was a lot of notes to read. it was torture. i wonder why i wasn’t so worried about it a few days before [which was why i wasn’t studying at an earlier date] then sunday comes and i’m like screaming my brains out to find a quiet place in the house to study for it. there was nowhere quiet enough so i decided to sleep first. it was midnight so i thought if i slept for an hour then wake up, i could trick my brain into getting over that ‘sleepy state’ that i get around midnight [coz i usually sleep at 12 give or take].. so i slept then the alarm scared the crap out of me and i was awake at 1am. then i thought damn, the sleepy state is still here. …you know when you sleep then you wake up immediately refreshed and energized [as compared to groggy and grumpy and sleepy]?? that’s what i was trying to trick my brain into thinking. so then i closed my eyes and kept popping back into wakefulness every 15 minutes. that went on for around 45 minutes; by the time the alarm clock said 2am, i was too hungry to stay still on the bed. so i got up and headed to the kitchen where all my notes and books were already set up [i did it right before i went to sleep] and i did a few exercises to wake my body up and get enough circulation and oxygen in me. then i ate while i was studying… it was hell. i was racing through the notes trying to cover everything. in the end, i had to stop without finishing the last 2 set of notes.. but i was answering the questions for it last night so it wasn’t too bad. but i felt extremely unprepared for the damn test. not to mention i had another test three hours after the maintenance one. so i laid down on the sofa to relax my eyes for a bit; it was around 7.30am. my mom and dad were up and eating breakfast. i went into REM sleep like you wouldn’t believe it. here was the interesting dream:

i was living in a grand house with my cousins [distant and close ones]. the house had a second level where my distant cousins slept and roamed about. me and my cousins [from my mom’s side] were all downstairs with the living room and plasma tvs and cool gaming consoles. i had a pink nintendo ds [also in real life] that my cousin form upstairs was using. he was younger than my, but i can’t remember his name [lol] and he was asking me if i had lots of games for it. i said ‘uhm, not really; about 5 or 6.’ then my other older cousin said, ‘he has lots, like more than 50 of them. i like that one game…’

then i stopped listening coz i went downstairs following one kid who was carrying some kind of broom. and the house was MY house so i followed him to see what place was dirty or needed cleaning. then my cousin, nenna, was pulling me out into the yard where her laptop was on a picnic table and she showed me and my other cousins something. i wasn’t watching because i was noticing ants falling down from the trees and creeping in and out of her laptop and leaves and soil residue was forming around the trackpad. so i told her ‘hey, the ants are going in you laptop. and it’s really dirty.’ then she said, ‘it’s okay. my laptop’s strong.’

all of a sudden i jumped up remembering my own macbook. i started shouting and asking if people have seen it. then neil, nenna’s younger brother, told me to calm down because it was in my backpack and suddenly i look behind me and i did have the backpack on me. so i checked it and was very happy. then all of a sudden everyone’s in a rage to get to school.

‘school’ triggered me into waking up. lol i was groggy but i managed to zigzag towards the kitchen and eat my 3rd breakfast. i looked at the clock and it was close to fifteen minutes that i’ve slept and managed to have a dream. my mom was looking at me weird. then i went to school and had tachycardia from anxiety. it was strange because during the test i felt like my brain was in overdrive; i was thinking so damn clearly that i was scaring myself. i thought my brain was tricking me into thinking that i understood the questions and was getting them right but in reality i was doing the opposite. but i realized i did remember the notes pretty well and our instructor’s lectures too, so i guess i really was doing okay. so yeah, after the test, i thought it wasn’t too bad seeing as how the notes were all very descriptive and full of tiny tiny details that we needed to know.

so then i went to our lounge to eat lunch and study for my other test calculation for skills lab. while i was reading the questions and trying to write down the important info on paper, i kept writing the wrong figures and punching in the wrong numbers on the calculator on every single question that i was doing. so i thought to myself, “uh-oh, brain is malfunctioning from lack of sleep!! get some sleep, will ya!!” so i stopped, then seeing as how i couldn’t sleep with all the chattering and laughing and choking noises that was all around me, i went to the computer room to look at my blogs and Y!Answers account for best answers so that my brain could be tricked into thinking it was interested in the things i was looking at. it actually worked. i stayed like that, surfing around the net, for like 2 hours and then i didn’t feel like sleeping at all… but then on my way home at the bus, i felt the lull of the bus slowly putting me to sleep. you know when you try to sleep on the bus and you try to keep your head from bobbing downward? i was doing just that and i really fell asleep but i guess i was still partly awake coz i could still keep my head up. then all of a sudden my head drops down faster than the speed of light and in doing so scared the hell out of me and woke me up which cause me to look up and around in confusion just as fast. lol it happens in that moment in time when you’re heading into REM sleep; that transitional state where everything goes limp to get ready for cells to repair themselves. it never fails me. lol that has happened to me 3 times on the bus on separate occassions.

it’s so embarrassing coz i can imagine what people are seeing [ie] the rapid head falling and rapid looking up; i’ve seen it on my brother when he was catching up on his sleep on the bus coz he had work the night before and came back home at around 5am or so, and we were on the bus at like 8.30am… it was funny too coz it happened a lot during that 30 minute bus ride to school.

so yeah, loosing sleep over tests are a big no-no, everyone. learn from my experience, and my brother’s. lol


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