Death Note American Remake: Let’s Talk About Actors

i have no idea if this is true but according to this article, it is. sooo…. let’s talk about it, shall we? 


i shall begin with a question… *ehem* 

Why must Death Note be remade in an american version? Oh, my soul will die if even the smallest hint of SUCK is visible in that in-the-making movie. It’s good that they want to widen the audience range for Death Note (assuming they actually like the story) but seriously they have to go above and beyond in choosing the right actors for this one. Death Note (anime) is epic. I admire the creativity of the story, the well-made characters and the rawness of their emotions. The uber cool soundtrack and background music are a must have as well. There is little to no flaws that you’ll find with the show. Everything about it is perfect in it’s own right. Now, to make such a high quality story and character design come alive as an American movie, I am doubting their devotion to the story, let alone the outcome and what they’ll change about it. They can probably achieve the presentations and the excellent visuals but it all comes down to the actors they will choose and their acting abilities. If they use just any famous person to play the antagonist and the protagonist of the story, it will leave a sense of ambiguity due to the fact that Light and L are the type of characters that come alive. They are their own selves, and to me it feels like Light and L can never be portrayed in flesh and blood just because I haven’t anyone in the acting field with such high caliber acting skills; well at least not anyone in the high school age range. 

Light and L can never be ‘played’ just by any handsome face. They must ‘become’ Light and L, whoever the actors will be, in order to achieve Death Note’s standards. I mean I don’t want to watch a movie and be able to say ‘that guy played light really well’. I want to be able to say ‘I was watching Light face off with L’. I’m trying to imagine any person to act out the characters but it seems that it won’t ever be as great as the anime show itself. I know full well the live-action movie did not do so much justice for Death Note but that all comes back again to how they portrayed the characters. The actors, I found they were sufficient but not the best. Definitely, I am opposed to famous (Hollywood) actors being used in the movie just because you already know their identity. To me, it would be like watching a movie where you’re observing that famous actor do a good job on that movie. Do you know what I mean? I feel like if that were to happen, then the movie is not as good as it should have been. To me, it feels like the people who will be playing Light and L should be hunted and auditioned from among the populations. Who knows where such diabolic emotions of ‘Kira’ will come from? Who will be able to bring L to life in one stare, in one word? But, who knows? if Heath Ledger can come up with a magnificent Joker, then there must be someone out there who might really deserve the role of Light and L. 


if i had to choose, for Light, Leonardo di Carpio or Jude Law would be great I think. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and I think they can deliver the role well enough (no one can ever beat miyano mamoru’s awesome voice acting in the anime.. he’s a crazy dude with crazy voice acting skillzz lol). But i can’t imagine Zac Efron being diabolical and devious in such a degree like Light. L is a completely cross-your-fingers topic; i just hope the actors chosen for the movie do the characters good justice. Let’s all hope for the best. =) Comment please. 


4 thoughts on “Death Note American Remake: Let’s Talk About Actors

  1. I totally agree with you on this. I cannot imagine a High School Musical singer play a power hungry manic like Light Yagami. And are they going to change their last names too? Like for light, it would probably be Light Parker or something which i must say is very disgraceful. I don’t want to be mean or anything but i think, since they are making a AMERICAN version i think it just ruins the whole thing. I cannot imagine anyone playing better then Tatsuya Fujiwara(as Light) and Ken’ichi Matsuyama(as L) in a Live-action film, and i have to say they were very good at imitating the persona of our favorite anime characters. And i herd apparently the actors/singers that are playing Misa Amane is maybe going to be: Miley Cyrus(seriously?!), Britney Spears(you gotta be kidding me!she’s to old) And Hayley from Paramore(well i actually like her)I doubt it though, But it could still happen, you never know! This is my own opinion, but i think it’s kind of embarrassing to Death Note Fans everywhere. And who are going to play Light’s father?sister?mum? who’s going to play L? Watari? Touta Matsuda? Shuichi Aizawa? Kanzo Mogi? and everyone else!? I guess that’s a question that can only be answered when the movie is out (or the internet :P)

    • Thanks, I’m glad you saw the point in this. I actually never realized the name changing part.. ooh, that absolute gives me shivers, the bad kind. So many questions, so little answers.. I hope that they will be answered soon though. Suspense, suspense! If I was to see that American Version, I’m just hoping to see a realistic and yet as close to the original story as possible and of course good actors with the right faces to go with the characters… This one needs a little more looking into; I haven’t heard or looked for updates about this lately.. will definitely look into it. Thanks again for sharing your thoughts!! =)

  2. WARNING: The following is too damn long and wordy.

    Justin Long as Matsuda. Think about it. For those of you who don’t know, he’s currently playing the Mac in Mac vs PC commercials, but I’m basing this decision off of his portrayal of Brandon in Galaxy Quest (go look it up).

    Bruce Willis as Soichiro. While he’s generally typecast into action roles, people do overlook the fact that he can act (I, for one, believe he did particularly well in Unbreakable and Signs, Shyamalan’s career is still questionable). He has the acting skill to do the emotional scenes about killing people with Light, and the awesome points to drive a friggin’ TRUCK through the front of a BUILDING not long after having a heart attack. He has kids of his own, so he would get the whole parent thing without it sounding cheesy. Gary Oldman may also qualify for this role, for similar reasons.

    They should host open auditions for L to avoid being mauled by angry L fangirls. Actually, Johnny Depp might be good for the role, seeing as he regularly portrays eccentric characters (Willy Wonka, Edward Scissorhands, Jack Sparrow, Victort VanDort, to name a few), if not for several problems:

    1. He’s too damn old. This should go without saying.
    2. If he is cast, half the people in the theater will be Depp fangirls and therefore be unfamiliar with Death Note, so they may possibly change L’s character to appeal to the masses. This will be hailed as a sign of the coming apocalypse.
    3. He’s too much of a pretty boy. L barely goes outside, is drasticly underweight, and is slightly frog-like. Making him ugly with scare away the aforementioned half of the audience.

    Finally, about Efron. I am by no means an Efron fan: he was good in Hairspray, because happy, singing high school students are what he’s good at playing; he was… tolerable… in 17 Again; we’ll never know if he would have been good in Me and Orson Wells because the script sucked so much. He’s obviously trying to move his career in a more serious direction to avoid winding up like Lance Bass or something (“Who?”), and it’s not working. If this is his big breakout role and it turns out he’s talented after all, more power to him. However, he should make his breakout role something that won’t be quite as catastrophic to his career if he should fail.

    Sorry if that was kinda TL;DR, but I have one last thing to add:

    If Rober Pattinson gets a part anywhere in this, I swear to God I’ll stab a puppy. And I’ll mail it to him as if to say, “You drove me to stab this puppy!”

    I’m done.

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