My, My.

oh this sucks. i am in school right now only to find out that my class for 2.30 pm is cancelled. it’s a two hour class and i don’t have anything to do.. i could definitely study.. but i don’t have my notes with me… i could play castlevania.. but i was just playing it for the past 2 hours back at home before i went here.. i could self study my hiragana… but i feel lazy.. how about practicing writing with my left hand? i’m like at a  3rd grader’s handwriting with it right now lol… so yeah i guess i’ll be just posting stuff on my blogs during this time. skills lab!!!! i want to have a review class, damnit! i don’t know what’s going to be on the exam and how the format is going to be… although i’m pretty sure i will be doing a lot better on that exam compared to my other exam… i only have a matter of days before my maintenance exam and i am still not halfway done!!! oh life.. to taste such sweet moments going with the flow and be so bitter about school… ugh. i want to finish my stories.. so i could at least say i accomplished something before i turn twenty. i feel old. people better not forget my b-day. lol. i have no idea what i want because i’ve bought myself a lot of things before my birthday.. those things are what i wished for.. lol now i’m out of ideas except for good food. good food always cheers me up. ooh more games for my DS would be good too… or winning the lottery would be very very nice indeed. to study everything with that money.. i’d be really happy then…  =) lol crazy thought in my head now. i should just work on a story and be busy for the next two hours.. i can’t go home because my brother took the car and drove here and he gets out of class at 4.30pm too just like i was supposed to. we’re supposed to meet up again after our class and go to walmart to buy a sled. i have no idea why he wants another sled when it doesn’t even snow much this winter time. did i tell you my cousins aer coming here? ooh mixed emotions about that one for some reason… i feel excited and threatened at the same time. it’s a long story and besides if they ever come across this thing, it wouldn’t be too nice of me to say stuff about them. anyways, listening to suga shikao’s Sanagi right this moment from my iPod. i want his voice to serenade me. lol he has such an attractive voice. husky and sexy and everything else in that field. okay, i’ll stop now coz for some reason my fingers just won’t stop typing whatever’s coming into my brain.

i feel as though i need a lot of prayers to pass my exam this term. please feel free to do so in my honour. i in return will study my darnest and will aim for a B or even a B+ would be better… i really want to do good on this one. the suffering i’m in right now.. oh man, you wouldn’t believe how it’s driving me crazy coz even my reactions to it are all messed up that even i can’t make sense of what i’m thinking and feeling anymore.

good luck to fellow students who have upcoming exams and god speed.


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