5 Centimeters Per Second

i’ve always been curious about this show… and thanks to an amv of it, i was exposed to frou frou’s ‘must be dreaming’ … it’s very very good, quite magical actually [the song]… the videos are from youtube obviously, not mine at all.

the entire movie was written and directed by Makoto Shinkai. the music was composed by Tenmon. i love the music in this movie, by the way; suits the mood very well. also the Background Art are done by these two people: Takumi Tanji, Ryoko Majima. they are awesome artists, in my opinion. if you get the chance to watch this movie on a widescreen and high quality, man you will be struck by the beauty of it. anyways, i’ll stop talking now.. see if you’ll like it. this movie is beautiful, absolutely. definitely recommended to those who like to cry in the movies lol. =)

you know, i want to [someday] get enough money to own this movie.. along with the other short movies that are oh so sad and pretty with their visuals…

a little blab about the movie on this part; don’t read if you don’t want to spoil the movie for yourself……………………………………………………….

ahh that ending was shocking indeed. even before that ring shone on Akari’s finger, i knew they would never end up together. all the signs were there even before the first part ended.. soo damn heart-wrenching. i mean that poor surfer girl. and how sad for Takaki to not be able to move on from his past, eh? i mean, it was all very earnest from his part but who was he kidding? Akari was in his past and he should have left it like that instead of living his life waiting for an impossible moment to come true. although i must say, i do tend to think like that about someone…. which now scares me. lol i’m going as far as Takaki though.. man, the whole time he was fighting against time and he already lost the fight the moment he went on that train and left Akari.. =(


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