Busy, Busy, Busy

ok, i haven’t posted in what seems like forever but here i am again… only to complain and vent about how i don’t have enough study time and how renovating the house [with only the household memebers] is driving me crazy. ok, so we’re selling our house soon because we’ve got some relatives who will be living with us starting June [don’t know how long it wil be for…]. we obviously need a bigger house because right now, we have no basement. and how are 10 people going to fit in a 3 bedroom house with no basement? annoying image of overcrowding in my brain. i need my space, i want my space. sooo we are currently looking for a new house. annoying too when they turn out looking old and not at all well-maintained. our price range is okay but man it takes long to find one that will fit all of our needs. plus i have an exam and a demo coming up in the next two weeks where we, my family, have to finish fixing the house and put it on the market as well. too troublesome and too much work!!! lol i love the idea of moving int a bigger house but doing it right where my classes are at a critical point, i’m not too happy about it…

but i guess i have to deal. ooh, and i was trying to find new apps for my Mac again after i haven’t spent around a month on it? lol seriously, school messes up my surf time. and did you know i recently got an excellent notetaker for my Mac?  it’s called Curio and i haven’t worked on it yet but watching the slideshow really got me interested in it. i want to master how to use it so i can do it efficiently enough fo rmy classes next term.. it’ll be a lot easier, i think, because eveything is all there right in front of you, no need to turn to different books as long as you have everything jotted down. i need to finish my exams so i can spend time on it.. =)


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