Term 2 is almost done

dear me. lol i haven’t been updating for a while.. today i just finished my skills demo and i think it went okay. not perfect but not bad. i am hoping for it to be the last demo for this term 😉 it was very nerve wracking at the beginning but afterwards i basically had two things to do but it was just a lot of meds.. darn, i wanted an actually skill like a wound care or maybe a dressing change. but i think i did well enough. today is a good day after all. 

i’ve been working on my stories, i’ve been thinking about The Hidden Here lately and it’s the one with most updates. although i haven’t posted it up on booksie.com just yet. i feel like it may be one neverending story lol i seriously have so much stuff going on in my brain that i think it might become one hell of an adventure for the main character. but at least i know i’m not running out of imagination fuel lol. 

anyways, i was thinking.. because i don’t post my fanfics onto booksie, maybe i could post it here? i really want to but there are some that are a little graphic lol; not work or home safe. there’s only two of those actually, the rest are pretty friendly.  =)

i’ve been cleaning out my macbook but coz my space is running low from all the crap that i’m doing.. but no worries because in the summer i will definitely acquire a brand spanking new iMac. that is my next project. 

ooh and we are moving into our new house at the end of summer this year. i am in love with it especially the flex room [i don’t know why it’s called that.. flexible maybe; could be any sort of room you want? lol idk] with the high ceiling and the huge windows. it’s so bright, it’s like living back in the Philippines again. i was falling asleep on the sofa when my parents were talking to the agent in a room. lol it felt like it fit. even though the room [aside from the master bedroom] were sort of small for me, owning half the flex room is a good enough deal. lol i am declaring myself the owner of half of the flex room; no need to tell the house peeps that lol. 

but on to a different topic, exams are coming next next week so i have to study well and study properly so that it’ll all be like common knowledge to me. it takes a couple of reads to get all that stuff in your brain, ya know… so wish me luck with all your heart and it’ll give you good karma. =)


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