I Just Remembered It Again

i had a dream a long time ago… it went like this:

there was a warlock who owned a bookshop and he had these magic plants that talk whenever you water them. he didn’t seem to know the plants could talk. he hired school girls to water his plants inside the bookshop, which was pretty small and old and cheap looking. then for some reason, i found myself walking toward the bookshop and all i know was i had a mission: to get a specific book from his hidden collections. so i started to water the plants and the warlock was looking mean but he said go water those four plants at the front. so i go and do that with two watering pots. i was watering the first two when one said ‘i look so good, don’t i? i’m the best!’ then the other said ‘water dear #3 please, she knows everything.” so i water the other two. #3 said “oh my #2 is honest as a baby, you should give her more water.” then #4 said “i’m telling the truth! i’m telling the truth! are you listening? i’m telling the truth!”
then i had to water them all again to make them talk until i figured out which one was #2 and so i kept watering 3 and 2 coz they were the sane plants compared to the other two… i finally got the book’s location from the plants and the warlock was at the back of the bookshop, so i got up on a stool and picked the book off the high shelf with a small sliding door. for some reason, i forget to close the damn door. as i was out and quite far from the store, i heard the warlock scream and when i looked back, he was running towards me, looking like he wanted to kill me.

then i woke up.


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