Anta, mainichi, tabete bakari da.

i was trying to remember how to take screen shots so i went online and found the command prompts… here a few awesome shots.. ignore the pictures 1, 2, 3, the pics lol 


yeah, so basically i have to hold down command-shift-3, there are a few other variations but this was the one that i wanted.. lol here’s a few more shots..


rukia!! i used to watch bleach but after a while i got bored with it, lol i want it to end soon!!! lol i’ll watch the ending for sure just to see what happens to rukia and ichigo and aizen and the other peepzz.. 

anyways, summer is here, so hopefully i get more hours for work and i want to apply for another one where it’s not related to my current job.. more towards the arts.. hmm, i would really enjoy it too.. i like art.. lol anyways, that’s about it for updates, not much but it’s still something. 

i’m back to learning japanese [i do this only during summer time because school time is damn hectic, it breaks my brain lol].. working on my grammar and hiragana. started working on my stories as well. they feel a little too out of my brain right now so i’m slow at it… i think i need more exercise and milk and healthy food in general.. lol seriously i get paranoid when i start noticing that i haven’t been eating well or drinking enough milk.. so later, i hope my sister gets home early from school, i wanna take a walk outside.. it’s a good day for a walk.. =)

ooh and someone is going to bring an offer for the house [we’re selling our house, if i hadn’t mentioned that anywhere yet lol] so yeah, gotta keep the house spotless and shiny. yesterday i found twenty dollars on the ground. aren’t i lucky??? lol i was like, woohoo better go get a ticket for the lotto, which my mom did. we used the twenty to get lunch for my sister. lol 

right now, i’m anticipating tomorrow’s work, a coule of new clients so i have to be super ready. coz you never know what people are like, but i’m hoping they are nice people. =) helping them  with AM care as a routine gets a bit annoying if they’re not the most pleasant people. but lately i’ve been extremely lucky for some reason, so no worries. 

and besides, i’m saving up for that iMac of mine!!! then the DSi and then the printer!!! woohooo i’m getting too excited just thinking about it!! lol

my cousins’ family are coming later this summer so i have to work hard so that i can take a month off to be free to do whatever we want!!  oh and if i can just practice my driving again, i should be able to take my second test [first time, i got an automatic fail because an ambulance was coming and i didn’t stop for it.. lol damn, could’ve passed without that happening though XD]… anyhow, let’s cut this short because, as i said, i am studying right now and intermittently cleaning the house… i’ll need to eat in an hour or so… i want my pasta and shrimp!!! 

oh and the title means: You simply eat all day. [the anta is an impolite version of anata.] =)


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