Could I Give You a Penny?

lately i’ve been busy with work. good coz there’s money coming in but bad because i can’t even spend it on anything [someone else needs it for their credit card debts grrr]. gosh, i’m bored!! i want to go swimming but the weather is uncooperative… grrrr. 

and so here i am rummaging through old photos to get a bit of entertainment…



well, that lasted 5 minutes. maybe i should check my works to see if i have any new comments on my stories and poems.. 



gosh, nothing!!! grrrrr!! i guess it doesn’t help that i haven’t been updating or even loggin in that site for over a few months now. geez. i’d go to food but i’m still full from the 6pm snack fest. music isn’t helping. i should just study my notes again!!! 



not even 1 second of thinking about it and i already can’t stand it. need something else to do. already cleaned the house. damn. oh i know. hot bath. =) home spa time!!! good times, good times… 


and maybe i can make the family go to the movies tonight…. will definitely try it. 

here’s a pic i’ve been liking lately because i’ve recently been exposed to VOCALOID. oh how i wish i had a pc instead of a mac because this software cannot play in macs. but anyways, the songs are awesome and my fave so far is the duet of Miku Hatsune & Kaito singing Last Night, Good Night. a youtube vid is linked here. i like them most. =) 


VOCALOID is basically a singing software.. it has an input voice already and all you have to do to is put your lyrics and music to make it work.  cool eh?? i want one but it seems that the japanese character voices are staying in japan. they have other english speaking vocals but i like these better. cuter and much more fantastic. there are other ones [rin & len] as you will see among the youtube videos.=)


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