Almost There

okay. so right now we’re in my auntie’s house bunking in their basement with 3 beds and all our crap. lol. she’s not really a blood related aunt but that doesn’t matter. they never cleaned the basement ever since they bought the old house and when we had to clean it, damn; it was filty. no offense but i didn’t think i could touch the walls barehanded. so anyways, 3 afternoons spent cleaning and it finally smelled nice, and not like a nasty dog that didn’t get washed for 10 years. there were mouse turds too. gross. i hate living in a house with mice. so i bought those high frequency plug-in things to keep them out of the basement where we slept. it seems to be working too. so now we have to stay here until our new house is finished, which will be on august 17th. a month and 2 weeks or around that time. haaaahhh, this is not going to be easy since i am unofficially the babysitter of their spoiled little girl too. not that i don’t love her, but sometimes, she’s too much. anyways, wish me luck in my attempt to memorize and know my drugs [for school] by the time my real aunt’s family comes and lives with us in our new house, by mid-august. sigh, my mom is forcing me to sleep now. no more updates for tonight, lol. it’s actually pretty late. ciao! =)


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