Today is Hoop Day

well. i finally got a bit of down time after cleaning and dusting the house. saturday; i wanted to do something outside but i don’t have any idea what i should do…. maybe i should just study…??? i wanted to go roaming again. lol, it is a bad combo to be roaming in a mall all alone. i got bored and guess what i was hauling back when i took the bus home? clothes worth $100!! the whole time, i was justifying my purchases.. they were on sale, i needed a new pair of shorts, i liked the color, etc… omg, i am soooo bad! i was thinking i’d just get something to eat… but then i started drifting to the shoes place and the video games and i was tempted to buy a DSi… damn, so dangerous, eh??? lol, but anyways, right now i need to go take a shower and clean off the dust form my hair.. the carpet downstairs is still wet and it stills bother me to no end…

ooh, by the way, i bought books, romance of course, and i finished them in about two days, those two books.. man, i wish The Prince [Elizabeth Minogue] ended better than it did… so anticlimactic, in my opinion.. although their relationship [Rose and Florian] is very sweet but sometimes off… lol read and you’ll understand. the first one i finished is Miss Wonderful by Loretta Chase and it was interesting and actually had a more satisfying ending compared to the other book.. i was reading those books up till 2AM with my cellphone light lol my elbows were hurting coz i was kying down and they were getting squished the entire time and tired from holding the phone in front of the book… anyways, because of those books, i’ve been daydreaming again… i was thinking of a better ending for the Prince, because to me, it lacked the umph! that it should have when a story finishes… stories should always finish with an umph! so that the reader closes the book with satisfaction and the memory of the story remains longer in their minds. that’s just my opinion. haven’t been dreaming lately… too tired from sleeping at 2AM!!! but it’s fun =) the disease is spreading to my sister. last night i slept at one because i managed to finish my book, but she was still beside a desk lamp reading…


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