Feng Shui

you know, feng shui has always been a cool thing to do. and now that we have a new house, we are all for it!! lol especially my mom. she takes a lot of time reading those feng shui tips to put into good use for our new house. lol anyways, i noticed that some of the things they talk about are fairly common sense: clutter is never a good thing. of course that’s true. clutter makes me upset and gets me tense coz i feel like i have to clean it up lol. then there’s: the light and bright in the house. i personally love the sunlight and i think most people would like to see what’s in their house. so obviously nice lights are a must have. then there’s the: take care of your things even money. this they mentioned in the way that you have to treat them like they are greatly valued instead of just regular things that you see and touch in the house. even money, they said that you must not just squish it in your pockets folded and all that crap because it shows how much you value it. and i often fold paper money and squish it into my pants’ backpockets. lol i guess i have to change that… but i guess it makes sense. i mean taking good care of everything around you means you are in a positive outlook in life. less clutter means more efficiency and ease. if you think about all you need to do is be caring and positive towards all things and all people even animals around you. then basically your whole life is a great deal happier. lol


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