The Earth Dragon

as one who likes zodiacs, lol i cannot help but enjoy reading about these things especially if most of what they say are basically on the good side. okay as you’ve noticed from my post before, feng shui is something that i like to read about so naturally, i get side tracked when it comes to the zodiac signs, either the Chinese or the Western zodiacs. anyways, i am an earth dragon, as you probably deduced by now [i’ll be talking about the Chinese zodiac for this post.] that is to say i am the most patient out of all of the dragon types [water, fire, wood, metal, earth], which is a good thing they say. they say that tempers are unavoidable but we EDs [earth dragons] are not easily provoked into anger. basically saying that it takes a lot to piss us off, it’ll probably have to be something major, i reckon. thinking back, i remember in high school, a lot of people would say bad things about me when they were, hmm, about 3 feet behind me? lol i guess it was my fault for being so quiet back then.. but what do you expect a fresh immigrant to do among all those middle school formed cliques? so anyways, i would always hear everything but it wasn’t much of a blow until the night would come and the day played back in my head. that was the reason i started my diary. to this day, only my sister and my mother knows of my high school experience but that’s beside the point now [and now everyone else who reads this knows lol]. so basically i never really got angry or pissed off at those kids because i felt like they didn’t really know me and i don’t really know them so why care about what they say, right? better said than done, that one.. but i made it through. i finished high school a year early [only 3 years in it instead of 4] because i felt like the kids my age were radically childish and i didn’t enjoy being in class with them, they were too giddy, i liked listening to the teachers. i guess being asian was a little bit of an influence in this, and also growing up poor made me strive for the best for myself so i can help others, especially my relatives, become better people for their own families. so this is really off on a tangent now.

so what we got from that: EDs are difficult to get angry, i think. lol

and it also says i should be a great manager because of the skill EDs possess: organized, practical and levelheaded. you know, these skills should come in handy when i manage my future restaurant and salon. =) god, one can be so ambitious, eh?

then it says the EDs take life and love quite seriously. does that mean my miniature dreams of ever being a playgirl never going to come true? lol i’m just kidding. i’ve actually thought about this and i guess i’m not the ‘not looking for the life partner’ kind of person because i realize that what i want is a friend at the very beginning. i mean, i have to get to know the person quite well before all those fireworks even go off. and now i’m sharing waaaay too much personal information.

Dragons are considered the highest ranking among the Chinese zodiac. what really thrills me too is that we are blessed with good health!! lol that’s why i’m rarely sick =) although i get paranoid sometimes.. even about the smallest things.

Also we are more of the traveler rather than the stay at home people. this is actually true. way before i’ve thought about reading these zodiac things, i have had this yearly sort of restlessness when i start noticing that i’ve been stagnant in one place. it never fails every summer, when i have time to actually notice it.. i get this feeling that i NEED to go somewhere. and i start telling my mom or my sister: ‘we should go to the beach’ or ‘can we do a long drive across the border?’ or just plainly telling them that i feel like i should go somewhere. of course, my mom acts on this and immediately thinks up of places that we can go to, which of course i’m always game for. =)

we are adaptable!! thinking back, i guess an example of this would be how easily i can move from one circle of friends to the next [back in elementary years], not to mention the friggin’ emotional move to this winter country. i actually find this trait very helpful. it makes easing into workplaces a lot easier, making friends in university way better and generally i get along with most people even the grouchy ones.

one thing i find interesting is how it mentions that Dragons don’t like to ‘accumulate’ money. this has always been true to me. ever since i was young, i would save money but only to give it to my mom whenever she would go grocery shopping or buy the people i love present when they had birthdays. even now this always happens. i notice that i would start to have a large amount of money and then a crisis comes [not involving me] and i always think ‘they need the money and i have it, so why not let them borrow it?’ and money i guess was never a goal for me. i mean, yes i understand that mmoney is required to attain my goals but it isn’t the focus and so i never really felt like hoarding money or even be greedy about it. all i knew about it was that as long as i have enough to propel me to my goals in life then i’m happy.

and yet there are bad things lol. we Dragons are not much of a shoulder to cry on for those close to us, it says. it says we’re not sensitive to others. although i have to say that this is only true for a reason. i personally don’t like it when others look to others to cry on for the sake of crying. it sounds cold but i guess sometimes impatience gets the better of me. example, my mom once had a migraine. i was studying. she called me and asked me to stay with her. of course, i felt that i was busy, school is hectic too no matter what you say, and so i told her: ‘i cant do anything to make you get better so why do you want me to stay here with you?’ i regretted it the moment it came out of my mouth. i spoke without really thinking of how she felt and only thought of myself. ever since, i was always careful of what i said. i didn’t like the feeling of betraying those that care for me and of course those that i care for. it was a hard thing to swallow. the fact that i actually said that makes me feel like a bad person. lol i think i sort of am… but anyways, lesson learned. =)

anyways, next time, i’ll finish this up. it’s late and i have to sleep. ciao! =)


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