ok so i’ve seen the trailer for this movie and i must admit, it reminded me of Little Big Planet.. but only because they have sackboys/people. also the idea of those twins 3 & 4 who can’t speak? it made me remember Kakurenbo; it has twins in it too, and they never talked as well. too bad the short movie didn’t explore their characters and history more. i liked those twins. and i think i will like the twins in the movie ‘9’ as well.

The twins from Kakurenbo, Immu and Yanku
The twins from Kakurenbo, Immu and Yanku

so, the ‘9’ movie is directed by timur bekmambetov. i’ve seen ‘wanted’ and i must say it was better than i expected. i mean beyond the little cliches on the ending part, it was really enjoyable. and that guy [i don’t know his name lol] have been doing more romance drama movies than action types so it was really something different. lol tangent.


without further ado, here is the trailer. the movie producer is Tim Burton. so definitely it is something to get curious about and by the way, the music they used on the trailer is kick ass awesome. i will find a way to put it in my iPod. it’s called Welcome Home from Coheed & Cambria. =)


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