Okay, Jose.

so yesterday my cousins and my aunt arrived. it was so funny; i actually felt giddy and i felt like i was going to burst out laughing any minute. but after all that hutzpah lol well we were basically just hanging out in the hotel sharing stories, watching tv and eating. it felt nice. i missed the cousins thing but i also of course noticed how different we grew within those 6 years apart. and here i thought we couldn’t possible change after being with them for the first 13 years of my life. and yet our years apart did prove to show otherwise. so anyways, i’ll try to enjoy the moment for what it really is, a reunion, and be more optimistic about out feeling each other out lol. i so want to talk about the new movie Avatar, not the Last Airbender one but the one with blue people. Looks very interesting so i’ll definitely find time to post about it sometime soon.


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