The Polar Bear King

[starring Maria Bonnevie] it’s a very good movie in terms of storyline. i remember it and my cousin also remembers it but i for the longest time couldn’t quite remember the title of it. basically the story revolves a princess who helps the king, who got turned into a polar bear by the evil witch, and then later after  rescues the king from the evil witch. it even has a few elements from the myth of Cupid and Psyche [which i love, by the way] where the sisters encourage her to look at her husband’s face in his sleep, which of course is not the very smart choice at this point but nonetheless, curiosity will kill the cat, so to say. so anyways, we watched it and i guess after our curiosity killed our cats [ok ok it’s a weak joke], we found ourselves critiquing the entire technicalities of the movie. i guess a child’s memory can be quite exaggerating lol. i remembered that movie to be so damn epic and when i watched it again for the second time at my age, it was hard to even evoke the same sense of magical feeling like the first time i watched the movie.

here’s a little fan made trailer of the movie, of course, not mine, but from a youtuber.

if i’m not mistaken, Maria Bonnevie also starred in Sleepwalker?? correct me if i’m wrong, but i think she was the daughter that seduced a guy into her [and her mother’s] house. it was a horror flick, i remember Idle Hands around that time too… lol anyways if you remember any movies from around that time, i would really appreciate you telling me about them. for example: The Willow, etc… around that time frame..thanks in advance!!!! =)


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