Yummy Music Talk

ok since i’ve been looking over my favourite songs, i might as well give you a list of what i usually listen to:

obsession – see-saw

bittersweet symphony – the verve

drops of jupiter – train

as the world falls down – david bowie

now or never – chemistry

dance with me – chemistry ft. gaku-mc

days – flow

asterisk – orange range

last night, good night – miku hatsune & kaito [vocaloid]

aerodynamic – daft punk

hi ya ya – DBSK

life goes on – chemistry

come what may – ewan mcgregor & nicole kidman

breathe in – frou frou

it’s good to be in love – frou frou

dress [blood trinity mix] – buck-tick

lost butterfly – rurutia

honoho – spitz

estupendo – arsenal

loosey – the stripes

never – seira kagami

start the machine – angels and airwaves

predilection – yamaguchi kappei

i need to know – marc anthony

the middle – jimmy eat world

welcome home – coheed & cambria

please don’t leave me – pink

100 years – five for fighting

superman – five for fighting

go the distance – michael bolton

at the beginning – donna lewis & richard marx

anak – freddie aguilar

para sa masa – eraserheads

beautiful thing – xiah junsu

mad world – gary jules

i’m tired of listing lol. someday i’ll make the continuation of this list because believe me, i have lots of favourites. i hope you liked the links. i didn’t put links on all of them because i know you know they’re old songs so most likely you’ve heard them [and i’m getting lazy putting the links on!! lol], but if not then there’s always youtube or imeem. =)


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