Boom Boom

is it possible to invent a wheelchair that can materialize from something as small as a watch? i’m always feeling lazy when we’re out or going shopping, so i thought about this for a while.. lol i seriously want one [see how i lazy i can be?]… so basically what needs to be done is to disassemble [if that’s a word] the atomic particles of the wheelchair and rearrange it so that it can fit into the material space of the inside of the watch. then when you wear the watch it has to feel weightless like a regular watch but still be carrying that wheelchair inside it.. so that whenever you feel tired, you just push a button and viola: there’s a wheelchair right in front of you. lol wasn’t there a saying that goes ‘if you can imagine it, it’s possible’??? anyways, i wish i could invent such a thing but i’m too impatient to even actually do anything.. but fear not, i will try to expand on that idea and see if it really is possible. stay tuned for future updates.

as a side note, i like that Criss Angel can walk on water, whether it was true or illusion. i too want to defy our scientific laws… lol =)


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