Sure I Want It

my new short term goal: the iPod touch 64GB. OMG, i am dying to have this one.. the extreme amount of space is luring me in as well as the excellent visuals. my dad has an iPhone and i don’t find it as interesting, i guess because he doesn’t use it for entertainment.. i on the other hand only want it for the sheer amount of videos, music i can input and games i can play. LOL, i just wish they’d make better games for the iPod touch, like make it closer to a Nintendo DS or a PSP or whatever, with Mario games or whatnot. i like arcade-ish sort of games. 2D doesn’t even matter as long as it’s fun. so here’s to hoping that by the time i get money for it on january 2010, that it will have more games that have a little more in depth to it… i really like the leveling up sort of thing [i play vampires on my dad’s iPhone..]

iPod touch

and also, since where talking about apple products anyways, i’m torn between the iMac 20 or 24 inch. i mean, the 20 looks shruggably okay, and the 24 looks extravagant. but if i’m gonna pay good money, i might as well get the extravagant one, right? LOL, ok problem solved, i guess. here’s to wishing a little more money gift from the parents over christmas. Geez, i really need to always think about these things if i really want it, eh? I want an excellent table to go along with it too, as well as a good chair. lol my back always hurts if not attended to properly. massages are a great thing. i wish i could go get massages for free all the time. that would be awesome, just as awesome as my future iPod touch and iMac. hahaha, dreams are good.


here’s to hoping, my sister doesn’t borrow loads of cash from me so that i can’t even save up for it again. did you know my precious [LOL] $2000 [saved up specifically for my imac] all went to my family? either for credit card debts or mortgage shortages or something else. and i am not the type to ask for borrowed money; i tend to let them pay me back in their own pace, which is bad considering the ones who borrowed from me are the top criminals of not paying me pack at all LOL. but no worries, such a huge amount will not go unpaid. i will try to ask for it back if the opportunity comes up. for the time being, i will continue staring at the iPod touch and iMac for about an hour. =)


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