Miyuki Miyabe’s Brave Story

i started this book and i must say, she writes like i write… well, i guess since she’s older than me, i write like she writes. i read so many books in the past, and i’ve had an idea of what sort of storytelling the authors used and this particular one was so shocking to me because i felt like i was partly there when it was written. you know how a child would tell stories? MM’s writing style in this book is exactly like that. it’s actually one of my favourite styles because you can integrate so much detail, either of past events or the current person the main character is talking to or whatever; the writing style is very accomodating.

i like the fact too that this writing style tends to be more engaging, as though the reader is actually a firsthand reciever of the story, the way a friend would tell their best friend what happened the past three years after living in a foreign country. i can’t expain it quite so eloquently but i suggest, if you really are a reader and one who particularly enjoys storytellers either from your personal lives or from books, it is a very good reading experience. =)

it is a great 800 pager. no, seriously. it’s such a good book. =)

here is a youtube link to the animated movie that was made, i guess it’s not exactly like the book but it’s a good tribute to it. enjoy!


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