Tomato, Potato, Kobato!!

OMG. this series is like syaoran and sakura all over again, but slightly older versions.. i guess you could say they look alike because the creators are the same and have a uniform art style, but i adore the relationship between the two. LOL, ok i’m sorry i haven’t even introduced the topic yet, so i will do that now: Kobato.

kobatoso, the main guy in this manga is i guess the guy from the nursery school who keeps bugging kobato and annoying her. Fujimoto. i really like the way they interact with each other, it’s so cute! <insert fan girl squeal here> and fujimoto just looks so damn hot in those glasses and that long hair. i keep wondering though, how it would look if he just came out of the shower… … … nosebleeds don’t even do the image in my brain justice.

so, right now, i think there’s an anime show coming up and i hope they keep to the story and plot of the manga. i have a theory as to who kobato is and where she might possibly ‘wishes to go’  so all i am sure of is that she isn’t human. and i think the main reason she can’t fall in love with those people whose hearts she heals is for the very same reason. she doesn’t belong in the human world i guess and she’s from another world, either heaven or hell or the otherworld.

ALRIGHT! spoilers!! from here on in, read at your own risk. a big hunch of mine is that she want to go to heaven, maybe because her parents are there? maybe ioryogi is her dad? lol it seems farfetched at the moment but the silhouettes they show is of human form as well as ginsei, on a one night when kobato was singing as the rain fell. and they said what iorogi or ioryogi [spelling issues in the scans] ‘wants’ is in heaven, he didn’t get it. and there’s a mention of him waging war in ‘heaven’. and that’s why he was punished and made into a plushie to help kobato fulfill her wish so he can go back to heaven and i guess ‘get’ that something [or someone, hint hint] that he wants.

even ginsei’s real form is intriguing; he [she? that cute little thing with an eye patch confuses me when it comes to it’s gender] has short hair. ioryogi on the other hand, has long spiky hair; if that is a human form’s silhouette [somewhere in the manga..]. and most funny of all, touya is fujimoto’s co-worker. isn’t that hilarious? now there’s a good chance that sakura [CCS] will meet fujimoto and find him very similar to li syaoran.

there is one thing that absolutely bores me in the manga. i don’t like how clumsy or naive kobato is. but i guess she’s like that for a reason, huh? that reason is not clear yet to me, so i have to keep reading it to understand her situation. i wonder if her parents are alive??? being a child with no history and past [as of yet], i can’t help but wonder about this specific matter. i mean, how is a young girl [human or not] allowed to be left alone, doing a mission to be able to fulfill her one and only wish? it seems suspicious. maybe one parent sent her to do the task to be able to see her other parent? maybe they’re separated and living in other worlds because they have no choice and they have to obey the laws and rules? i don’t know, but the more i read, the more theories spring to my brain.. more spoilers on this picture..

kobato triviasee? and also, even the chobits girls are in the book; well, i mean they [the twins in the kobato manga; the landlady’s daughters] look identical to the chobits person.. anyways, i am interested in ginsei and why he’s so interested in ioryogi’s business. he seems to be so damn close to him and yet ioryogi regards him almost as an annoyance. what’s the deal, eh?

but anyways, sayaka and fujimoto’s relationship is also blurry to me; i can’t tell if fujimoto is just concerned because he’s grateful to her or if he’s concerned because he has feelings for her. but more and more, sayaka keeps hinting on fujimoto always thinking about kobato, so maybe that’s the actual love team. YAY! fujibato!! does that sound well? i mean, the mix of their names… or maybe it should be kobamoto.. that sounds weird..


anyways, i found a really hot looking vocaloid kaito art from the internet. whoever drew this one, i salute you for making my fantasy a step closer to becoming reality. LOL kaito is hot. period. and yet fujimoto is there at the back of my mind… NOOoooo!!! fujimoto is for kobato!!!!

god, the sexiness of this. the star on the nipple makes me feel like i'm looking at porn LOL

ok! that’s enough excitement for one night. got work tomorrow so… ciao for now! =)


2 thoughts on “Tomato, Potato, Kobato!!

  1. I couldn’t help myself after reading all this stuff about Kobato. I am almost sure that she is an angel. Did you ever see her eating or drinking anything? No? That’s why. And I read somewhere that Kobato comes from the same place that Kohaku. I did not read Wish, but I am sure that Kohaku is an angel, so there is our answer. It even makes sense after watching the anime opening, where she “falls” from heaven. Anyway, Kobato is a mistery for me. All the other characters are starting to be readable, I know what move them and what they want, but Kobato… She keeps being a mistery!

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