Love Locked Out

this painting is by Anna Lea Merritt. she described the painting as ‘a monument to my husband. In my thought the closed door is the door of the tomb…I feared people liked it as the symbol of forbidden love, while my love was waiting for the door of death to open and the reunion of the lonely pair.’

i saw this painting in a book of painting collections and i just couldn’t forget about it. the first thought that came into my head when i saw this was ‘amazing.’ and when i read the title of the piece, i immediately realized how sad and lonely the [idea of the] painting was. it really stuck out to me and that’s why i took the time to look for it again so others can also enjoy this masterpiece from Merritt.

Love Locked Out (1889 Merritt)
Love Locked Out (1889 Merritt)

*sigh* i could stare at this forever. lol but seriously, this is such a wonderful piece of art. i wish i was there when she was painting this. that would be a very interesting and memorable time i bet. she has a lot of other paintings as well; a very talented woman indeed. =)


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