Cupid and Psyche

i’ve always been haunted by this couple’s story. i mean, i was really intrigued by it and as a result i am now making a story of how their children’s lives will be as mortals. okay so i know there are a few versions of how many kids they have but i decided to mix them all together so that i don’t leave out anyone, in that sense.. a few hours of searching over the internet and i found the prominently used versions, namely the one where the only have one chid, a girl named Hedone, and another one (from a book, i think, The Golden Ass; i need to check this later) where they have twins: Youth and Joy. so that gives me a total of three children. i just want to explore the side of psyche and cupid after they’ve married. i feel like their story should never end with ‘they had a kid; that’s about it’ kind of thought. i really want to explore different aspects of their love and also explore the lives of their children. however, i think with that in mind, it will be hard to think of a one straight to the point storyline just because of the complexity of the myth that i’m using as my base or background. i’ll definitely do it though. the story wants to be told. i had to write a post about it because i couldn’t sleep trying to figure it out last night. lol

cupid and psyche

this is called ‘Psyche’s Revival by Cupid’s Kiss’ by Antonio Canova. i really want to see this in person. i ‘ve always been looking at it as pictures over the web but that’s not as good as seeing it in real life.


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