Jim Brickman

i don’t know how long my subconscious have been yearning for his songs. i remember the Gift, My Destiny, Valentine and all those sweet ballads that were sung by women. i never thought of searching for them until my friend said she recently found out about Jim Brickman. being the curious type and wondering what the person would sound like, i asked her to show me what types of songs he makes. and there i was stunned and awed upon discovering that he does indeed sound very good. at this point i still didn’t recognize him as the one who does the piano on those three songs that i mentioned. so i go home and start my quest to look for more tunes from him and mu cousin was interested in what i was looking for; when she starts getting songs, i get curious too… we both have a similar taste in music, that’s why. so anyways, i told her jim brickman and she was surprised. she said i already heard his songs, so there i go flying off to youtube to check if she’s right. so i search all those familiar songs and voila! they were his songs, i was so happy and kinda dumbfounded to not have searched for the songs earlier.. i guess the name didn’t seem familiar because i assumed it was the female singers’ songs, but they were just featured in his songs. so there you have it. =) and now i’m in a romantic songs phase… it’s all good.

here is a link to his website: jim brickman rocks!! 


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