Feeling Lonely

my stories are probably very sad at the moment. i recently found a blog where the author is writing his stories for everyone to read. i feel jealous that he has time at the moment and i do not. i have exams to look after… my characters are probably crying in agony right now, feeling neglected and forgotten. but i never forget them–those lovely people. i just have to keep my self control and stay focused on my exams so i can pass them first lol. nursing is hard you know… especially maintenance class. anyways, i was kinda pleased when i realized that the author of the blog writes about his dreams. i do that more often than not; i just find dreams extremely fascinating. they’re never just one thing; there’s always something at the turn of the head, at the blink of an eye, at the call of a voice…

oh dear. i have a feeling my mermaid story won’t be getting the spotlight anytime soon. i mean the whole plot is done, but i tried to start it but no grabbing introduction wanted to float into my brain. so i left it alone, thinking it needed more time to simmer and develop more. and i recently went back to it but nothing still; my mind remained a blank. and then my other story is a bit controvesial about the name thing, which i think is silly… and then my other stories, i’ve started lots so i feel like they’ve been developed as much as i can manage for the time being.. i have a vampire story (vampire and human lovelife), 4 adventure stories (save the bestfriend, save the beast/enemy, etc..), fairy tales (mermaid, beauty/beast, story within a story), elementals story, a disguise story (girl disguises herself as a boy), and lots more. they all got started already, it’s a matter of when i will make time to add more content to ALL of them.

i like to make short stories as well. i have one sad one just because the storyline is close to my heart. then i have a more outgoing story which is now an introduction for all the women i mentioned in the story. there are ten of them… but anyways, i like writing poems as well and i even tried my hand at composing because i’ve always wished i knew how to play the piano, violin, flute, and harp. anyways, i try my hand on the piano every now and then, lol. i miss you, my characters.. i really do. after the 11th of december, i’m home free, so hang in there!!! =)


2 thoughts on “Feeling Lonely

    • Will do so, Shelly! Thanks for taking the time to comment =) So you liked the Mermaid’s story, eh? That’s one of my babies. LOL All of my characters are my babies. I hope you’ll enjoy how her story progresses. Give me time to get past my orientations and I’ll write em for you. =)

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