Vivre Sans Regret

Live without regret. i used to think it was easy to do that, but now that i realize it and really internalize it; it’s hard to live without regrets. i regreted a lot of things like slacking in school and being randomly mean when i was at grade school. i’ve learned from my mistakes and at this moment, i can probably say i have very minute regrets–at the moment–that they can be considered negligible. and i’m glad. it’s a new year and and it should be like a new page in all our lives; a fresh start.

school starts next week and my lolo and lola are going back to florida this saturday. and i have work this weekend. already i’m feeling excited, not because my grandparents are leaving but because i feel useful again.. not that i felt useless during the holidays, but i can’t wait for this phase in my life to finish so that i can get a taste of what it feels like being totally independent. i’m graduating soon.. very confident about the future work that i will be doing, but also scared of course, you’ll never know what it’s really like out there until you’ve been there =)

my cousins are still here and i hope the friendly and relaxed atmosphere stays for as long as we are all living under the same roof. it’s fun when we get together.. i’ll probably miss them when they get they own place, but i’m sure by then, i’ve long missed my privacy as well. lol anyways, i’m posting to great everyone a happy new year!!! live without regrets!! and do everything in your power to get to your goals! i’m sure we’ll all accomplish them in due time.

there is a bit of a bad news and that will remain silent until i’ve thought things out properly and my anger is out of my system. my stories got a little bit of a move on, but since school is back again this term, i’m back to focusing on my classes. my stories will always be there anyways, just waiting for the time that i can immortalize them in ink, shall we say…

i greeted my bff in the philippines and i apologized for not writing her in the past 2 years [we write each other snail mail] and she said she’s not angry at all and that she was happy i wrote her.. i miss her so much. i miss everyone so much.. people change and i hope it’s all for the better. lost? sorry, i was just thinking of an instant a few days ago.. anyways, let’s all hope the Year of the Tiger is a good one!!!! =)


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