Learn, Don’t Blame

woudl you believe what happened inside my parents’ house just within the past 2 weeks?  i’ll introduce a new set of players in this real life story.

Beetle, Butterfly, Bumblebee. they are group 1. Pencil, is all alone and is group 2. Red, White, Green makes group 3. person X is not on location but is included in this whole thing.

ok so here is the deal. a ‘deal’ exists between beetle and pencil. which involves a certain person X. person X made verbal deals with pencil relating to the deal between beetle and pencil. person X and beetle are close, they know each other well. but person X is not mentioning it to beetle, which is causing beetle to get angry at pencil for saying other things that beetle did not know about. pencil is uncomfortable and asks person X to explain the situation to beetle so that pencil is not being pointed at for lying.

there is the main problem: person X did not tell beetle the deal between pencil and person X and so beetle got aggresive towards pencil and then one day they start emailing each other. pencil starts to email person X, persistent in trying to make him tell the truth, and shows the replies of person X to beetle’s email and to someone close to pencil = the eraser. eraser knows pencil because they lived together for quite a few years. then eraser also shows an email from person X to eraser, asking for advice. so eraser gives her reply and shows it to beetle’s email.

now this is where the nasty stuff starts. the beetle sends back an email to eraser and says all the nastiest, meanest things a person could ever say to someone. you’d think they were MORTAL enemies as opposed to people who knew each other for years. now eraser was shocked and angered that she replied back, letting beetle know that eraser was angry but not disrespecting or insulting beetle like what beetle did to eraser. green was so angry at beetle when green saw the email that pencil showed.

before all the nasty things come, i should tell you. pencil started talking to green and red because pencil was hurt by all the name calling that beetle was doing over the email. when green and red saw the email, they couldn’t help but feel sorry for pencil.

green helped compose an email that warned beetle to be careful with using hurtful words, but it only got an even worse reply. all possible nasty names came out like underdog, backstabbing bitch, liar, user, etc. very, very frustrating. then a confrontation occurred when most people were at school. it was between pencil & red vs. butterfly & bumblebee. it was a nasty fight that green heard about and so green put up a post in facebook that was meaning to attain reconciliation from both parties involved. and guess what happened? either or both beetle and bumblebee got pissed at this quote: Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace.

i was kinda laughing to myself when red said that bumblebee deleted green, eraser, and pencil from their facebook friend list. i just found that hilarious. i mean, how childish can you get?

anyways, all the insects wanted some space so now they’re not talking to red and green and pencil. and that’s about where everything’s at.. not very exciting, very annoying, and extremely tiring. childish people are annoying. grow up.


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