You Can Fly

alright! so community clinical term is almost done and i’m really happy that i’ve managed to finish it with a bang. hehehehehehehehe… actually, i’m just really excited about what had happened with our project with the MBSP and the radio interview was really the icing on the cake; i felt like we accomplished our mission–we made people aware of what we were doing… LOL it was really such a big job but when it’s finally done, i’m kinda missing it.. i would most definitely stick with the gang if they asked tomorrow… hahahaha..

anyways, i know i’ve been neglecting my blog.. the avatar post is just non-stop with the comments, i’m glad that it is still a topic that people still search about these days. so here i am posting another update about life in general. i’m going to barbados soon and i should really pack my stuff and get ready but i feel sooo lazy still lol. i can’t find my red shoes..*sigh* that’s actually bothering me more than i want it to. but it’s because all my other summer shoes were with those red pair and if i can’t find the red pair, then that means slim chance of finding my greek style shoes, which i love!!! darn all those plastic bags in the basement!! lol anyways, i also need to get my nails done, probably putting bright orange nail polish on them…

i wish we could swim with the kids soon… i really want to see judang swim or paddle or whatever in the water. hahaha ok, speaking of the devil, the kid is calling me ‘papa’ right now and bothering me… so, i’ll just go and pay attention to the kid for now.. we have a movie marathon later, thanks to =)


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