Babies and Summer

ok so summer is here. but kids ar also here. and i am doing my last term this summer for nursing. not a good mix. the urge to take the kids out is overpowering but my homework weighs moe at the moment, which i know shouldn’t but hey, i’m a student so deal my cousin’s babies, a girl aged 4 and a boy aged 1 are both violent little freaks and very demanding of attention, should i say. the girl cannot talk unless her volume is maximum. and the little boy cannot go through a day without crying every 5 minutes for no apparent reason. maybe if they lived in separate houses, it would be easy to deal with but together, they are a force to be reckoned with. they never fail to stress me out each and every day lol. but hey they’re fun to mess around with lol i’m sooo mean, aren’t i? i like annoying my niece.. she gets so pissed off so fast but she believes my stories like they are real. i remember one time we went to the park or something and before that i’ve told her quite a few times that the planes crossing the sky were aliens trying to get little kids and cows to make for burger. so apparently she sees an airplane in the midst of walking among people in the park and she calls to me in her loudest volume and says, “There’s an alien!!!!!” ….all the people look up and see her pointing to the plane. omg, that was hilarious. i was walking ahead of her and her mommy so i turned to tell her to quiet down, and i saw her trip because she kept walking while staring at the plane in the sky LOL. that made it even more hilarious. please don’t judge me and say i’m mean lol it really was funny…. *sigh* she talks so funny too.. this is a typical sentence for her:

“what should i can do? i don’t know what should i can do!!”

“kittle me!!” (tickle me)

“i wanna /badil/ you” (here she mixed english with bikolano /badil/ which means ‘shoot’…. when we play aliens vs. human, that is…)

“only i can do that either.”

“i can do that either too.” (after trying my best to correct her)

hahhh, we are going across the border soon, in three weeks so, it should be fun! lol right now the gal is playing big big planet (actually ‘little big planet’) with my bro and sis downstairs…she like to take the bubbles ahead of the others even if she kills ’em in the process.. *sighs* she’s sooo agressive too.. lol i have no idea how she got to be like that at all. :p


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