Mermaids In My Mind

ok so this is a short section of the mermaid story that i was talking about in the previous post that i put up: The Mermaid Story. this isn’t exactly the intro; there’s more introductory stuff to get our heroine’s background and the setting set up, etc, etc.. but anyways, this is what is going to happen very close to the beginning of the story. the mermaid’s name is Anemone and like i said, this will be a sad story so already you can probably imagine what possibilities there are from this scenario, but i can tell you, it gets more interesting as the story moves on. so, have a read and comment if you like. =)

~The Surface~

Excited at seeing a ship for the very first time, Anemone swam close to its side and surfaced. To her, the ship looked majestic and enormous with  its huge sails billowing, full of wind. The mermaid gasped, amazed at the sight. Then she caught sight of movement and quickly dove under the water. She swam to the other side and surfaced again.

The crew of the pirate ship were busy, hussling here and there, some of them were cleaning the deck and some were on patrol duty. A skinny young lad stood on top of the masts, keeping a lookout for enemy vessels. As he turned slowly, his eyes caught an orange blob in the water. He focused on it and saw Anemone and her volume of orange-gold hair around her. He seemed surprised and he quickly turned his head to one side, yelling, “A girl’s in the sea! Captain, I see a girl in the water! Starport! Girl at starport!”

The noise of hurrying footsteps got closer to the side of the ship where the mermaid was. Faces peered over the ship deck. Anemone thought this was amusing so she waved at them and splashed them with her tail. Collective gasps and surprised expressions came from the men.

“Captain, a mermaid! We got ourselves a mermaid!”

Anemone heard some yelling and the people rushed about the deck. Curious, the mermaid swam around to the other side of the ship, trying to see what was happening to the humans. A huge burly-looking man who wore an odd looking hat peered down towards her. His face was carved in scars. As soon as he caught sight of the mermaid, his eyes widened.

“Hurry it up with the net! I want that mermaid on this ship, now!”

Surprised, the mermaid briefly heard curt voices shouting commands before she saw the sky above her darken. The net caught her perfectly in the middle and she struggled to get out. In a moment of panic, she called out into the ocean. “Someone please tell my father to save me! Please, anyone!” she cried out as she swam against the net, clawing at the ropes in a vain attempt to escape. A loud booming laughter echoed in the air. “We got her, boys! Haul up the net, and be fast about it! Don’t let her escape!”

With a sudden pull to the side, the mermaid screamed in fear. As the net was hauled higher and higher, away from the familiar waters, the mermaid hoped her father would be able to save her in time. Closing her eyes, she resigned herselfto her fate for now, knowing it wasn’t a good one. The voices started getting louder and hoots of laughter were all around her now. She opened her eyes.

“Put her down!” The big man commanded. A bald man with marked skin, who held a sword, walked up to where the mermaid hung trapped in the net. Raising his arm without warning, he hacked the ropes with his blade, letting the mermaid fall onto the wooden floor.

Anemone screamed.


that’s as far as i got with that scene and i know, it probably needs work on the details and i am still editing it at the moment. my gong yoo story is also on the move!! that’s what happens when class gets boring!! LOL


3 thoughts on “Mermaids In My Mind

    • Oh, thanks!! LOL this story is actually well plotted already and just waiting for me to put it into better details, as in write it in story format. =) Thank you for commenting, now that I know someone is interested, I can pick up the slack and work on it again. Check back in a week or so and I’ll have it posted up here. =)

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