Gong Yoo – Short Story Part 2

ok, so if you want to read the first part that i posted before, just go to this link.

Gong Yoo – Short Story Part 2——————————————————————-

I tried to walk around the malls and the parks close by to help clear my mind, but I was just too distracted and the feeling of self-pity crept into me. I wandered around for another hour or so, buying little key chains or fridge magnets whenever I stopped by a random store. Sighing in defeat from another wasted day of my supposedly vacation time, I vaguely recalled the iced tea from the Summer Café that I frequented and in the process, I remembered the girl. Walking more purposefully, I walked on, hoping against hope that the girl would be there.

Luck must be on my side because the moment I could read the huge curly letters of the café sign, my eyes immediately zeroed in on her. She was sitting there all alone, and this time writing fervently on a pad of paper. Leaning back as though observing her creation, she sighed and took a big swig of her drink. Then she got back to writing. For a summer weather, she dressed as though she was cold. She had a thick navy blue sweater on and Capri shorts. The rhinestone barrette on her head made her look cute. Recalling her outfit from the first time I had seen her, she was more casual today. I walked up to a table next to hers and sat down where I can see her face clearly. The waitress came and gave me a menu.

“Excuse me, sir,” a voice said distractingly; causing me to take my focus away from the girl.

“Hm?” I looked up to a pair of excited eyes and a huge grin.

“Are you Gong Yoo from Coffee Prince?” the waitress said in a giddy voice. In the background I could see the girl look up at the mention of my name. “My name is Megumi Miyamoto, I’m a big fan of yours. Can I please get your autograph?”

I smiled dutifully. “Thank you so much for being a fan, and of course you can get my autograph. Do you have a paper and pen?”

She put up a finger. “I’ll be right back! Thank you so much!” She ran off in a hurry and I was glad. I looked to the girl and she was already back to writing again. I guessed she did not care for actors or maybe she wasn’t familiar with Korean actors; we are in Japan after all, so she might be more knowledgeable of the Nihon-jin actors and actresses. Not realizing I was still staring at her, she suddenly looked up at me and smiled politely. “Coffee Prince, huh? I watched that show,” she said.

“Did you like it?” I asked, trying not to sound so eager of having talked to her.

“I did actually; more than I thought I would.” She smiled broadly. “You and Yoon Eun Hye look good together.”

I had to laugh at that. I guess people liked our acting together. “Thanks.” I stared at her face. I didn’t want to tell her how pathetic I was, waiting on Eun Hye when my feelings weren’t even reciprocated. I could tell from her look that she was expecting me to go on but I shut my mouth. Nobody needed to know the reason why I was here in Japan. I tried to think of something else to say, something clever. “So, do you want my autograph too?”

She burst out laughing at that. Shaking her head, she replied, “Nah, it’s ok. I can say I talked to you for a few seconds instead of getting your signature.” She looked ahead and I followed her sight; the waitress was coming. “Here comes the fan,” she said to me quietly before smiling and going back to her pad of paper.

“You don’t know how much this means to me, sir! I watched your movies too, you know!”

“Oh, thanks.” I ordered my food hurriedly, anxious to get rid of the waitress and hopefully talk to the girl again. I hardly felt bad for telling my avid fan that I wanted some privacy while I was in the café.

The girl was pre-occupied with her writing now, completely forgetting  everything around her. I refused to be forgotten so easily.

“What do you write about?” I asked, scooting my chair close to her table to which she looked at me strangely.

She looked surprised at my question, which struck me as interesting. “Pardon?”

“I asked what you’re writing about,” I replied. I stood up to take a look. She quickly turned the paper around.

“I didn’t know you were so nosy,” she joked. She strategically leaned on the table so that the papers were safely hidden from me.

“Oh, I’m not nosy, just curious.” She smiled at that. “So what is it about?” I prodded on.

“Oh just nothing; random things you probably don’t want to concern yourself with,” she replied, shrugging her shoulders awkwardly. She twiddled with her pen, unsure.

“Try me.” I was not getting shot down after I’ve managed to talk to her. I didn’t even know her name yet.


EDIT: here is Part 3. LOL i’m so slow at updating this story. But fear not, I’m working on it as I am updating this.

…ooh, so how’s that? it’s probably going fast but it is just meant to be a shorty. =) i should make it interesting and drag eun hye in there but not yet, not until we’ve gotten deeper into the girl’s background, ok? i have 2 tests on friday and i am writing this instead of studying.. i hope i pass them both!! LOL wish me luck!!


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