Mahou Shoujo Tai Arusu

Magical Girl Squad Alice, or otherwise known as Tweeny Witched over at this of the Pacific… I’ve watched this show a couple times and it’s a really interesting show. the heroine, Alice, is kinda like alice but with a kick-ass personality. a spunky girl with guts. There’s a lot of ways to describe her..  lots of things drew me to this show. not only is it visually unique, the plotline and the twists in the story are very interesting.

the interaction between the two other girls and Alice are pretty amazing to see. sometimes, i keep thinking Alice is thinking one thing but a scene later, she proves you wrong. that’s what hooked me to watch the show and finish it. it’s actually not that long since every episode are like 10 minutes or less. the two ruling powers, witches and warlocks, have some tension between them and this made the story more in depth. seeing the warlock city was like going to a futuristic world. the witches’ world, on the other hand, looks more like your traditional kingdom’s with residents and a tower/castle for the leaders.

alice becomes somewhat of a fugitive becauses she possessed a magical book that was stolen from the witches. it really interesting when it comes to the mystery of how she got that book. anyways, i would definitely recommend it to those who like quirky stories. =)i loved how the story ended too.. it was so sweet, in my opinion anyways. but hey go watch it and see for yourself!! here is a youtube link for the first part of Episode 1.


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