New Things Down The Road

Hello again! i am happy to say that my pseudo-novel that i am temporarily calling ‘Hyacinth Days‘ for the time being now contains three episodes, or chapters would be a better term. Basically it is about a concubine living under the reign of Fy Song, the emperor of China. But of course, it explores more than just that. every chapter or episode are a length of 7-8 pages right now; i don’t know if it will stay like that in the future but i’m very happy with the results. so without further ado, here is the list of what i have finished:

The Women of the Palace – one of my favourites still because i got to introduce a whole bunch of girls in such a short story format and this one basically gives me the opening to branch out and explore what stories they all have to tell. Of course, i have a main heroine, named Dalho.

A Time of Celebration – this skips two years in Dalho’s life experiences and of course we have a fateful meeting in this one. a life altering question is posed as well!

Allies and Lessons – Dalho meets a certain someone and soon has to endure lessons in becoming an empress! there are rumors spreading too, about a spy hidden among the new concubines!

then the next two episodes will be about one of the nine other girls who used to be a concubine for the emperor. the girls’ names are as follows:

Pruma, Celina, Ginwa, Rosario, Min-Lei, Talis, Vera, Severo, Alice. From oldest to youngest, i believe, is the order of how i wrote them down. i am currently working on an episode for Severo so i think she might be the first guest ex-concubine to appear in the series. lol i keep talking about it like it’s a show.. but to me, that’s how it presents, like a movie playing in my mind. hahaha, i’m so happy!! and do you know why? i haven’t looked at my stories in a year!! all because i’ve been busy in school.. ahaha, so yes, finishing another chapter is really such a motivator for me!! yay, me!

oh and if you are curious about these episodes, as i call them, you can always comment and ask if you want to read it. i will post it here no problemo. and i promise, it’s a fun reading experience!! =)


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