The Gang Goes to Clearlake!!!

okay! so i skipped class last friday so that we can go to Clearlake earlier and not waste the day. but then the day was not very nice. it was rainy and windy and cold!!! we had to stay inside the cabin until the next day.. we walked around with our hoodies, but it was all good, we played a card game called ‘tong-its’ and i hardly lost!!! lol the very last game at the end, i lost to a punishment of singing pearly shells on the dock.

but anyways, we rented a boat and we almost caught a fish (a pike?)!!!! it was so huge but it let go of the worm and swam back down into the water after taking a peek at us and getting scared by our collective screams of excitement. =) we also rented bikes and went across to a different camping site; damn those up and down roads, it was so scary!! the speed downhill was exhilirating though!

overall the experience was really fun, especially our nightly card games!! LOL someone got to lick my sleeping neice’s armpit as punishment!! i think it was my sister.. she was like ‘it’s salty’.. ahahahaha, so gross!!! but the sad part was we couldn’t really swim; the water was too cold! but we did try to see how cold it was; in the middle of the lake when the boat was stoppped because my dad was fishing, we jumped off the boat only to find that it was painfully cold.

we got back on the boat and me and my cousin decided we only needed to get used to the water so that it won’t feel cold anymore… so there, we jumped in again; but alas, it was the same result, with +++ aching in our muscles and joints.  lol but it was a fun weekend!! =)


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