Upon Getting Drunk

you know, as fun as it may seem to just get drunk and party, i am fairly ambivalent about my feeling as a result of my experiences. four years ago, i drank vodka and i didn’t like it so i decided to never ever drink anything alcoholic. this year, i’ve decided to give it another try for the sake of our ‘cousins reunion’ where my siblings and my other cousins who grew up together are once again together even for a short while.

so we drank and sang karaoke, making sure i wasn’t gulping down too much because crown royale and coke mixed together was pretty bitter tasting depending on who mixed it. i wanted it with more coke but others disagree. i was shocked to find that i hardly pee when i drink, which means that my kidneys don’t work overtime to get the alcohol out of my system. then while i was starting to think that getting red was a usual result of drinking, i start getting really itchy. and my neck and my back swells a bit and i get scared. when my auntie heard about this, she said ‘oh, you’re like you’re grandma; she’s like that when she’s drunk; aoh, and also your auntie!’ so i was like, oh okay, it’s not just me. but i was pretty shocked to learn that i had a bad reaction to alcohol, and yet at the same time, it was like, ‘cool! i can’t have vices even if i wanted to!’ because i always wanted to stay healthy and not be smoking or drinking lol. don’t get me wrong, i still do, but not being able to drink made my brain thinking about wanting to drink even more!!! i thought i was going to become an alcoholic, everytime someone mentioned ‘drink’ i was always up for it. lol i always had to secure my antihistamines though…

so then, we mostly did karaoke and reminisced on the past, our childhood years and all the fun we had as carefree and easy-going children… then we did it again, drinking the same stuff over the span of three or four months.. so around four weekends, we did that. on the final bottle of crown royale, my cousin dunked the entire thing in a pitcher only half filled with coke, to which i protested and told her to add more coke but she said instead ‘oh, don’t worry’ it’s just the same thing’ so i shrugged and went with it. this time around there was something bothering me so i was okay with a little bit more alcohol.

i drank lots and it got to the point where i was already dancing crazily and doing weird things to people around me. i remember laughing so much  and getting loud that my mom got up from her bed and came downstairs to tell us to be quiet. needless to say, it was karaoke at home and the night was really late, around 1AM already. i guess after seeing my super red face, she got worried and told us to sleep. my cousins were laughing at me and i was like ‘nooooo….!’ i didn’t want to sleep yet so i grabbed my mom’s leg and told her to not let us sleep yet. i started feeling very overwhelmed by the fact that we were going to stop singing soon and i cried, hugging my mom’s leg the whole time. i heard everyone giggling then my sister said, ‘uh oh, she’s really drunk’ and i was like ‘am i really drunk? coolness!’ inside my brain. so they help me kneel my way up the stairs while laughing like a freak. the moment i get on the bed and hug my pillow, i bawled like crazy. then they were sounded so worried which made me cry even worse. lol but when they started laughing, i couldn’t help but feel giddy too. so i turned and gave them all a peace sign and snickered like a freak. i remember getting scared about not feeling my legs anymore, and i know i said something about which my mom worried about and kept asking me about it. i told her ‘go to sleep’ repeatedly and asked her for a goodnight kiss. lol, man that was embarrassing. anyways, that’s all i want to say about that. now my goal is to have no more repeats of such events. LOL


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