Tissue Princess

Ok! remember when i was in the VOCALOID phase? i was then surfing youtube a whole lot for music stuff that was unique and cool. then i came across Tissue Hime. I’m pretty sure he’s a guy but he cosplays as that girl from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya series. anyways, he plays awesome bass guitar and he has awesome legs too!! XD. i’m wondering if there’s still a debate as to what sex/gender the person is? but anyways, Tissue Hime plays sooo cool!!!

if you search Tissue Hime on youtube, you can find so many videos. i once saw a collaboration with other musicians…i quite forgot what it was called (it was so long ago!!).. but anyways, go check out the videos and tell me if you agree that Tissue Hime is awesome!! =)

Look at the hands and the chest if you're wondering about M or F

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