Memories of Summer Days

ok. me and my cousins have been doing various things just to relieve the feeling of boredom and to keep ourselves from thinking about my other cousin’s babies. it’s been going fun too! although, we often do movie nights when they’re off work at around 12midnight. we went out to eat at a chinese restaurant close to my university at around the same time… anyways, recently they’re always at the house, as though it was all done and forgotten (the big ‘thing’ that happened around feb.).. it’s ok with me coz they have no other peeps to go with but i guess i’m still waiting for that time when they would talk about what had happened during those weeks.

anyways, not to spoil the post, i am glad to be registered for the Senior Practicum. i feel so blessed that i managed to go through all those years and even though there were ups and downs, i have managed to not knock myself down with every pseudofailure that i experience. just gotta get ready for this unit and i will be taking the exam next february and i will be officially a nurse!! =)

another thing, i have taken on a mission to sew a dress or shirt for myself before the summer ends… of course, i’ll do my homework too!! anyways, i am almost done making a short dress.. LOL, ok i admit, i was sort of in a hurry to make something so i made a loose kind of dress.. i mean it looks okay and all that but my methods weren’t the best. an expert seamstress would probably scold me for what i did.. ok i don’t quite know how to work a sewing machine yet but i tried.. i think the longest i lasted on it was 1 minute then my mom had to come fix it again for me. after i got tired of stopping coz of my messed up sewing machine operating skills, i did the rest by hand.. it was time consuming but i managed to fix the undershirt, if that’s what it’s called. i bought more material so i can experiment more later haha!

we’re going swimming either later this week or next week.. we call it “bonding time.” LOL we’re so cheesy, eh? anyways, 1 more month and i’m headed for practicum!! =) i registered today already!! wish me luck everyone!! =)


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