A Little Mermaid

phew! the main plot line for my mermaid story is basically done!! =) i figured out what and where the prince should be and what the mermaid should be doing… it all made sense now! LOL let me tell you that one is fairly hard to start; everytime i start to think about the story, the disney version and the hans C. version are always swimming into my mind. so i have to really think of something, an opening scene that will not be reminiscent of those two. i want it to be original and yet still be sort of a tribute to the original mermaid story.

while we’re on the topic of stories, let me say that my other stories have finally gotten a little updated!! i’m so happy!! my brain was probably too hung up on reference books and medical notes that looking at my stories kind of made my brain come ‘alive’ in a different sense. the imagination popped out of my hamster, so to speak. hahaha! so i got really excited when my page count for LS-SS-06 finally reached 30!! hahaha i know it’s not much for someone like me who gets busy as heck for 10 months every year for nursing, it was fairly hard to get an hour in to think and write. the stress of school was overwhelming to say the least. but anyways four other storylines have reached 15 pages. my short stories are always within 8-14 pages and i have done 3 of them fully [as in finished and edited]. meanwhile, the rest of my shorts are either halfway done or just started with a paragraph. often, i can’t force the storylines to come to me so i can’t write either. i totally rely on my brain to bring the story to life, so i wait for inspiration to come and that’s when i write. =)

a question to fellow writers, amateur or professional, do you feel bad when a character is abused? for me i like to take care of my characters; i have the good guys and the bad guys, the in-betweens, the outsiders, the whole gamut of them. but i always make sure they are all ‘respectable’ to a point. i never liked purposefully making a character go through hardships without any good reason. that’s the only way i can justify the negative event that happens in their life. hahaha i sound weird again! but to me, that’s why it was so hard for me to write my short story about a vampire who was sick of living and so wanted to kill herself [the point of the story was her death and how it was going to occur]. but she couldn’t quite do it, out of cowardice. that was a reflection of my actual self in term of how i felt about killing her off in the story. as the story progressed, i figured out that the only way she would be fearless of death was if she fell in love. [see how much of a hopeless romantic i am? but it works! XD] it was the only way to balance out the negativity of her final death from an endless life. she’s my first character that died. and i always think back to her as though she was a memory, once vivid and alive in the past. i miss her but in a sweet way. =) i know i can never bring her back but she will always be present in that story. if you’re curious and you want to read it, i can give you a link! :3

and speaking of characters, i know i pick weird names for my own but once i think of a name, it’s rare for me to ever change it. even if some may say it sounds sci-fi or whatever, LOL. most of them are classical names but a good deal are kind of contemporary/modern. wow, i just realized i blabbed so much on this and my previous post! shows how much i’ve deprived myself of reviewing my thoughts, eh? haha! so i’ll say goodnight now, i have to eat still!! ciao!

p.s. Mahir? Kinto? Quana? Do they sound weird as names? it doesn’t matter now coz they are permanent! XD


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