Friday At The French Artists’ Salon

Friday at the French Artists' Salon

i saw this image in a book when i was browsing at a book store and just fell in love with it. the ethereal whites contrasting the deep blacks, just wonderful to the eyes. i honestly want a huge replica of it framed on my wall. i’m sad that i couldn’t find a bigger image off the net but i guess this will have to suffice for now anyways.

this painting is done by Jules Alexandre Grun (1868-1934). Jules-Alexandre Grün, was a French painter, illustrator, and poster artist. He was born in Paris, on May 25th, 1868. He died of Parkinson’s Disease, although the date of his death is debated. Some sources state that he died on February 15, 1934, while others, such as the Salon de Paris official documents claim 1938. Yet another source claims 1945. Grun was the pupil of Jean-Baptiste Lavastre, the famed theatrical decorator of the Paris Opera, and of Antoine Guillemet, a renowned landscape painter. Still life, portraits, and scenes of Parisian life were his favorite subjects. In 1890, his illustrations for Xanrof’s Chansons sans Gene (1890) and Chansons à rire (1891) made him the poet of the Bohemian element and the Montmartre atmosphere. [This information was pulled from]

And it’s true that there isn’t much information about this artist that one could find from the internet. i wish i could get a full biography on Grun or even a list of all his pieces. if you guys have any other tidbits about him, feel free to comment and share them!! =)


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