Vacation: Barbados

alright!! so maybe i haven’t talked about my vacation in barbados yet… it was a pivotal moment in my life so of course i forgot about the vacation part and stressed about the important part. but now i realized that the vacation part is important as well, it was the first time me and my best friend flew on a plane together and slept in an airport for 8 hours together. so basically we had some good fun =)

it was so good, comapred to my old beach memories from the Philippines when i was a kid. But I’m not saying that my vacation in the Philippines was bad. They were both pretty good.

The one things that I found so confusing was the way of speaking. It was hilarious. I had no idea it was going to be that hard to identify English words on their accent. One person was particularly hard to understand. He had to gesture a LOT with his hands and say things three times for me to understant him; his accent was that deep. LOL my best friend was doubling over in laughter when I told her. She told me that sometimes she too found it hard to understand his choice of words. But anyhow, I felt seriously lacking whenever he talked to me coz my brain would try so hard to process his garbled words and my face would just be blank while I waited for any sort of word recognition. Then he’d say it again and the same thing happens again. The third time usually clears it up for me once my brain gets past the accent. (I learned to just always smile when he talks)

So, even though it was only for seven days, it was an excellent vacation. =) Shopping there was nice and cheap. But really, we were there to eat and swim. Actually in our excitement, we forgot to bring sunscreen lotion and when we got there and hardly turned tan on the first day, me and my best friend figured it was safe to go without it. And that’s how i’m all super tanned and sunburned by the time we got home. My friend got a sun allergy or heat allergy. LOL! we still laugh at that even now.

Did I tell you the drivers there are hella fast?! Wow, I felt like buses were going to fall over when there were turns, and even if there were seatbelts in cars, you still felt like you were on an unsafe rollercoaster ride. HAHAHA! It’s true! My heart would palpitate whenever we got on any vehicle.

But it was really gorgeous by the beaches. The submarine ride was perfect too. We got to see lots of corals, a sea turtle, many fishies and a sunken ship. Over all, it was a grade A vacation. The scary charging puppy was not so perfect, but the random goats were pertty cool. =)

Atlantis, that was the name of the submarine. It was pretty cool! The tour guide had a pretty understandable accent and so he told us (about 20 total passengers) about the various fishes and the life under the sea. Pretty neat. Watching the school of fish go by was one of a kind. No flashes for camera allowed or else the fishies would get scared.

And I was so glad the water was cool and not warm. I could swim there forever! Barbados isn’t that big an island and I have fridge magnets, key chainss and T-shirts from there!! =)

On the way home, I took this shot of the sky so I can remember how sunny and nice it was over there… I wonder where my next vacation will be? =)


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