Kamisama Kazoku

oh i just love this show!! hahaha Tenko is cute and funny!! and whatshisname–Samatarou? He is soo duhh and funny!! i like the fact that it’s short and straight to the point, unlike other shows *cough*naruto*cough.. Anyways, i watched this a long time ago and i miss it!!! =( i wish i would have the energy to watch it again but i’m sooo lazy today, and besides i have my med0surg book to read still and an article to find for my clinical.. ahahaha! temptations, temptations..

so anyways, this pic above is the main 2 characters. i looove how they interact with each other! they’re so cute together! too bad there wasn’t a second season, but at least it was a fun anime and that’s what matters most. =)
LOL @ their facial expressions!!
hahahaha!! i really wanna see their antics again.. but i wanna watch Glee too… LOL, i’ll do a separate post on that too once i got the motivation again to blog..
anyways the whole family includes Dad  Osamu (the god), Mom Venus (the goddess), elder sister Misa (candidate for goddess status), Meme (youngest child) and Samatarou (successor to his dad) and of course, cute Tenko (angel/guardian to Samatarou). Then we have other classic characters.
HAHAHA Meme holding smutty books!!

go watch it if you haven’t yet!! i guarantee it is hilarious!! =)


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