i love the animated movie Paprika!! hahaha a little confusing but definitely a good watch. i like the fact that it revolves around dreams and somewhere in there you kind of wonder if they’re trying to see if dreams have meaning or importance to the individuals. i absolutely adore the music in the anime as well. =) the characters are also very engaging.

so basically there is a group of researchers/psychiatrists that try to treat their patients thru their dreams. it’s a bit complicated when it comes to the DC mini and the psychotherapies, but you’ll get the picture once you’ve seen it. so then they found out that the 3 prototypes have been stolen and so they are trying to the DC minis back because they aren’t complete nor are they set with a limited access of some sort, so basically the people who have the DC minis can hack into any system in their facility and mess with anybody whose connected.

i admit, it sort of reminded me of spirited away for some reason. i guess there were little quirks, like when Dr. Tokita was eating and when Paprika dove into the dream and all of a sudden she is dressed like the monkey king. LOL that was cute!  and when Paprika appears as a child (who looks like Dr. Chiba) and starts sucking all the darkness and the old man. Oh and also the transparent bodies.. hahaha, i don’t know why but throughout the movie, i guess the mood was sort of the same as well..? in any case, i loved it through and through. =)

give it a look and see how it is. =) i wish i could get a DVD or blu-ray copy of this soon. =)


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